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    National meeting

    Iraqi Free Announces put 70 Items To Put In The National Meeting Expected This Month
    Published on Saturday, 03 November 2012 07:47. |

    Written by: kawthar. | | |

    BAGHDAD / With: Iraqi MP announced free high Nassif, Saturday, on the status of 70 items to be presented to the national meeting to be held during the next few days, and expected not to put a general amnesty and legal infrastructure during the meeting.

    Said Nassif reporter and news agency the future, that: "custom dating by Parliament during his career is to make laws and legislation format compatibility between the political blocs, and that includes legal infrastructure and a general amnesty, and this makes put some laws on the table National Meeting excluded, because it must be separated between the legislative and political process. "

    It showed that: "Agenda national meeting included claims of the political blocs all included approximately 70 items, will be discussed around and try to apply and take the majority of these items are discussed and see how legal some of those demands and their compatibility with the Constitution, because it can not apply the terms of violation of the Constitution and graduated from the context national interest. "

    The MP for the mass citizen Furat al-Shara has confirmed that all the facts on the ground indicate that the national meeting is imminent, expected to take place during the month. (Finished)

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    What if Maliki saw this coming knowing he'd have to complete the government with Erbil and suspended Shabibi so he could take credit for the revaluation (among other things).

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    Are you the toby that posts news in / on ptr ??

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