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    Cool GAZETTE! October 30, 2012

    Tuesday 30 October 2012

    Fatlawi: the political process will see with mobility near the provincial elections

    Between citizen bloc MP for the National Alliance Hassoun Fatlawi, that the political blocs "failed" in the implementation of its promises over the previous period, he said, adding that the political process will see with mobility near the provincial elections.

    Fatlawi said in a press statement that "the political blocs have failed to fulfill their promises throughout the period and especially since most of the blocks and promised audiences to resolve their problems in the event of their rise to power, but the problems are still at a standstill, especially in relation to security and services.

    He added: during the recent talks between the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance will begin the political blocs to provide concessions and reduce its demands to be more realistic solutions.

    And predicted the National Alliance MP: to see the political process in the coming days with political mobility near the time of the election of provincial councils because in the absence of resolving differences, the election would be "harsh" on the parties. P / h


    Tuesday 30 October 2012

    Inch: differences and lack of sense of responsibility will lead to the rupture of the country

    Agencies - warned citizen bloc MP for the National Alliance on an inch, of the country go into a state of disintegration due to differences and lack of sense of responsibility of some of the blocks towards the nation, noting that the political blocs need to goodwill in order to reach agreement on the differences.

    He said an inch in a press statement that "the political blocs need to goodwill and a great effort in order to reach any agreement on the outstanding differences between them.

    He added: the National Alliance should strive to find a political climate of solutions in addition to the other blocks claim to dissolve the controversial issues because the country would be vulnerable to "the tearing and objectives," so must there be an effort fruitful from all parties to sit at the dialogue table to find appropriate solutions.

    The MP pointed out the mass of citizens to: the lack of responsibility and seriousness real the political blocs to emerge from the crisis, especially with the presence of a foreign agenda want to weaken the country, warning of "rupture" of the country because of differences and not feel Palmsoalah towards the nation. P / h

    RED RANT: ""the political blocs need to goodwill and a great effort in order to reach any agreement on the outstanding differences between them." REALLY??? DO YA THINK? WHAT, DID THEY SUDDENLY HAVE AN EPIPHANY??? COME ON!!

    Tuesday 30 October 2012

    Mura'bi: addressing the need for economic cooperation between the executive and legislative branches

    BAGHDAD - babysit - A member of the parliamentary economic committee Hussein Mura'bi security Palmakd and thorny, which are linked by many of the files of the economic file should Maljtha.

    Said Mura'bi in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) on Tuesday, "that the most important things in dealing with the economic file is cooperation between the executive and legislative branches, adding that the parliament contributes to enact laws to help economic development and draw economic policy with the features and clear and this helps to support the Government in economic activity, and pointed out that the lack of harmony with the government in parliament attitudes that stimulated the economy is causing economic problems and delays in growth and construction is an example of that failure to approve the law infrastructure that another lot of services to the Iraqi people. p / g

    RED RANT: The Gazette has me "giggling" today.. Did they wake up and decide, "OH WE NEED TO 'WORK TOGETHER' TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING" TODAY!!!!???? (ROLL EYES HERE)

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    Tuesday 30 October 2012

    Chihod holds politicians responsible for financial and political corruption and administrative

    BAGHDAD - babysit - MP for the rule of law Mohammed Chihod politicians responsible for political and financial corruption and administrative witnessed by many government departments.

    Said Chihod in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) on Tuesday that "political reforms, financial and administrative can not be achieved by some politicians because they themselves need to reform, stressing that some politicians need to correct their path how their doing reforms?, Pointing out that it is is not possible to fight corruption Assorted in this situation, and added that the subject of appointments and economic corruption caused by political corruption, adding that some abused policy in order to achieve personal interests. p / g

    RED RANT: CAN I GET A GREAT BIG DUH!! politicians responsible for political and financial corruption and administrative witnessed by many government departments.

    Tuesday 30 October 2012

    Zaidi: the security file is not borne by the government alone, but is a shared responsibility of all

    BAGHDAD - babysit - MP for the Liberal bloc Riyad al-Zaidi said what is happening in Iraq recently of criminal operations and security breaches caused by different foreign intelligence intervention in Iraq.

    He explained Zaidi told news public opinion (and babysit) on Tuesday that "criminal operations occur in a number of states and causes interference intelligence the great powers and their client, noting that Iraq the only country which has inflicted group al-Qaeda and its leaders mauled by the Iraqi army and police Iraqi despite the support received al-Qaida, stressing that the security file to Ataathmlh government alone at all but it is a shared responsibility of all, adding that the responsibility for security borne by the House of Representatives and leaders of political blocs, and added that Parliament always hesitate to allocate sufficient funds for the army and the security forces in addition to some leaders paying bloc blocs not to vote on the financial allocations for the security services. p / g

    Monday 29 October 2012

    Tariq Harb: Government majority needed 163 votes and will be mini-government partnership

    BAGHDAD - babysit - said legal expert Tareq Harb, The Government of the majority of the political need to be approved by 163 deputy in accordance with Article 76 of the Constitution and will be a government of a parliamentary majority and government partnership Mini.

    He added in a press statement on Monday and received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of: that the Government's majority political will maintain representation components which, because it will block or more blocks that represent the Kurds in parliament to represent the component Kurdish It also will include three blocks or more Iraqi List to represent Sunni Arab component as it will include all the blocks beyond Iraqi List Kalpadhae and free and will include a lot of blocks of the National Alliance, not all blocks in the coalition, representing the Shiite Arab component.

    He continued: plus it will include all the blocks of the small components Christian Kalmkon.

    : Said leader of this government and the new parliamentary formation block the rule of law and that is formed, based on nourish and support the President in his quest towards the National Congress and its success or not. Q, Q

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    Monday 29 October 2012

    Tamimi demanding to declare the results of the investigation on the charge of the Ministry of Oil bribes from an Australian company

    Baghdad - and babysit - new deputy coalition of state law WIN National Alliance Mansour Tamimi claim the oil ministry and the Integrity Commission to disclose the results of the investigation in the case of the ministry to charge a bribe from a branch Australian company in Malaysia to give the contract to build platforms oil export that oil belongs to the Iraqi people.

    Timimi said in a press statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of Monday that "subsidiary Leighton Australian in Malaysia signed a contract with the Ministry of oil worth $ 765 million to build platforms exporting oil in southern Iraq," and accused the ministry to charge a bribe from that company to win contract to build platforms. "

    He added that "the parent company informed the Federal Police that its branch in Malaysia gave bribes to the Ministry of Oil," noting that "the company President demanded to investigate this matter, was this issue and formed an investigative committee in that, but until today did not announce those results."

    He stressed Tamimi "the need to announce the results to the Iraqi people because it is the sole owner of oil and must know everything, pointing out that" defendants in the case are managers in the South Oil Company and still enjoy privileges unrivaled and send their children to study outside Iraq and buying cars expensive price, " "Is covering the salaries of their parents, all these expenses? And how? ".

    Tamimi continued that "non-disclosure of the results of this investigation tells the involvement of senior officials in this corrupt deal, which is considered corrupt than another kind. Q, Q

    Monday 29 October 2012

    Industry and Minerals enter into contracts with more than twenty billion dinars during the month of September

    BAGHDAD - babysit - signed Radwan General Jabbar and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals contracts worth more than twenty billion dinars during the month of September.

    The general director of the company Maged Sadiq Mirza dry in a statement to the Information Office of the Ministry received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of today that "the company contracted in the third and the ninth of last September with the Ministry of Education $ 7 billion and 100 045 000 Iraqi dinars for the purpose of equipping study Pkrfanat and healthy number 550 as well as the processing and operation of machines and production equipment for office furniture factory and a school in the provinces of Baghdad, Basra and Mosul. "

    He added that "the company signed contracts with other General Company for Ports of Iraq in the third last September 1 billion and 831 million dinars and 650 thousand dinars eliminate those contracts processing car pelvic and car workshop and mobile tractor and Shuffle in addition to the crane and heavy machine cleaning the streets."

    Dry and pointed to "sign the contract calls for building 284 housing units for the Wasit province $ 11 billion, 897 million and 191 thousand dinars," pointing out that "the company donated to build a mosque and a school in the same location."

    The company is currently executing and by completing more than 40% residential complex project the sun Allowatye cost over an area of ​​118 acres and consisting of 1,600 apartment under contract with the province of Baghdad and valued at more than 89 billion dinars and the duration of the executive up to 600 days. Q, Q


    Monday 29 October 2012

    Member of the Commission on oil: has been modified agreement with the Chinese company to develop the Ahdab oil field

    Agencies - said a member of the Commission on oil and energy National Alliance MP Uday Awad, the amendment of the contract during the former regime with the Chinese company to develop the Ahdab oil field in Wasit province, he serves the Chinese side over Iraq.

    Awad said in a press statement, "The Oil and Energy Committee submitted a proposed law to the government to amend the agreement with the Chinese company in the Ahdab oil field and were approved by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, and is now in effect.

    He added: The Oil Ministry has negotiated with the Chinese company and there is an agreement between the parties to modify the terms of the contract at the time of the former regime and including the international embargo imposed on Iraq, referring to the Chinese side took advantage of those circumstances to serve their interests at the expense of the country's interests. P / h

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    Tuesday 30 October 2012

    Smart Card Company launches the third generation of card late next year working footprint eye/GAZETTE!

    BAGHDAD - babysit - Smart Card Co. announced that the third generation of Ki Card will be launched in the fourth quarter of next year.

    The managing director of the company Bahaa Abdel Hadi said in a press statement that the third generation of Ki Card collector card will give new concessions is the possibility of conversion and financial deposit and withdrawal through a mobile phone after the implementation of the project of the National Distributor in addition to it's gonna footprint eye.

    He stressed the "increasing the number of outlets to Card in Baghdad to be in every area inspired the revival of the capital as well as the increase in the provinces to become more than 5000 port and the Office of dealing with smart card scattered throughout Iraq."

    He noted that the company will launch the end of this year Card MasterCard International in Iraq after the agreement was signed with MasterCard International, pointing to the possibility of the company to grant students of colleges and institutes smart card to receive the amounts allocated to them from the government if firing those amounts.

    And the possibility fix bugs that may happen in the smart card receipt or your device so said Abdul Hadi: "The smart card system works technology modern and rely distributing salaries on lists of beneficiaries and Mbalghm that you send us the donor if the department retirement or other" .

    He continued, "The company is committed to the dates paydays monthly مقتنيها of the categories covered by our offices did not get that regressed from the delivery date of salaries, but in the event of late arrival lists of names covered by governmental donors, stressing that repair the faults that may occur on the devices take several minutes or exceed one hour of time because we put in each backup devices outlets to ensure the continuity of paydays to card holders of the categories covered by the p / i

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    Provincial election law and districts, counties average - Date Published: 24 Oct 2010

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    Remarks to the UNCTAD Expert Group Meeting on Sovereign Debt Crises and Restructurings

    October 25, 2012

    United Nations Headquarters, New York

    By Otaviano Canuto
    Vice President, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management
    The World Bank

    Session: Challenges associated with the creation of a statutory mechanism for the resolution of sovereign debt crises

    Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (SDRM)

    The current global crisis, mounting debts in the Euro area and the US along with the resulting uncertainties that have emerged in the world today have led to a growing risk aversion among creditors to lend anew, even to firms and households, as well as calls for debt restructuring by highly leveraged and overexposed countries.

    We agree that the international community is still far from a consensus on the costs and benefits of a structured mechanism for dealing with sovereign insolvencies. However, discussions like the one we are having today are very timely and could help find an orderly way out of this mess.

    The debate on the creation of an insolvency mechanism for sovereigns took center stage again when the IMF advanced a proposal to create a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (SDRM) in the wake of the Argentinean default of 2002/2005. The SDRM project was abandoned when it became clear that the initiative lacked the necessarily political support to undertake the creation of such a mechanism. It is not clear even today, as being witnessed by ongoing discussions in Europe, that we have this consensus yet. One will require a "miracle of law, economics and politics" for this to happen (see Canuto, Pinto and Prasad 2012).

    As an alternative to the SDRM, countries began issuing bonds with Collective Action Clauses (CACs), postulating that a majority of bondholders can amend any of the terms and conditions of the bonds. With the onset of the global financial and economic crisis, there are calls from various fora to consider more structured approaches to resolving debt problems. The IIF has set up a “Joint Committee on the Strengthening of the Framework for Sovereign Debt Crisis Prevention and Resolution” and have released a statement at the recent Bank's Annual Meetings in Tokyo.

    The Concept Note that UNCTAD has prepared for today’s event has rightly identified five problems with the current approach to sovereign debt restructuring from a survey of recent experience and literature on sovereign debt and sovereign default, namely:

    Lengthy debt renegotiations which, in some cases, do not restore debt sustainability.

    Need to coordinate the interest of dispersed creditors and to deal with bondholders who have an incentive to holdout from debt restructuring deals. Coordination problems and the possibility of free riding are particularly serious in the case of bonded debt and are exacerbated by the presence of “vulture funds” who buy the debt at deep discount on the secondary market with the explicit intention of litigating after the majority of creditor has reached a settlement with the defaulting country.

    Lack of access to private interim financing during the restructuring process. In the corporate world, interim financing is guaranteed by the presence of debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing provisions, but sovereign debt lacks a mechanism able to enforce seniority. Lack of access to private interim financing may amplify the crisis and further reduce ability to pay because during the restructuring period countries may need access to external funds to either support trade (trade credit) or to finance a primary current account deficit.

    Over-borrowing caused by debt dilution. Debt dilution refers to a situation in which, when a country approaches financial distress, new debt issuances can hurt existing creditors. In the corporate world, debt dilution is not a problem because courts can enforce seniority rules.

    Delayed defaults. While most economic models of sovereign debt assume that countries have an incentive to default too much or too early, there is evidence that countries often try to postpone the moment of reckoning and may sub-optimally delay the beginning of the debt restructuring process. A prolonged pre-default crisis may reduce both ability and willingness to pay making both lenders and borrowers worse off.

    With the experience the World Bank has had with our Heavily indebted poor country (HIPC) and Multilateral debt relief initiatives (MDRI), the Debt Reduction Facility (DRF) whereby these special groups of low income countries have received comprehensive debt relief from multilateral, bilateral creditors and commercial creditors, as of mid-2012, the debt stocks of 36 post-decision point HIPCs have been reduced by over 90%. A few lessons are in order:

    We are focusing on building debt management capacity wherever we can. This is very crucial in order for governments to stay away from debt problems in future even after they have received debt relief. This includes debt and fiscal risk management at subnational levels.

    Given countries need to grow and create jobs, the investment-growth nexus is key and we have now more explicitly incorporated it in the analyses of debt sustainability in all LICs. A significant number of countries in Africa have found natural resources. To benefit from these one will require large infrastructure investments upfront that need to be financed by prudent borrowing. Any orderly debt resolution mechanism that one chooses cannot jeopardize these future financing flows.
    To restore debt sustainability, fiscal consolidation needs to be proactively pursued and measures to boost competitiveness and growth are needed.

    In countries that are taking proactive measures towards the needed adjustment, efforts may be wiped out in the event that another external shock or a more prolonged global crisis debt continues, as fiscal buffers are no longer available for developing countries.

    Access to capital is expected to be limited in the current global environment anyway and the recent experience with some of the Caribbean countries that undertook significant reschedulings have found it difficult to access international financial markets in recent times.

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    Tuesday 30 October 2012
    Oil allocated four billion dollars to build a refinery in Karbala capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day/GAZETTE!

    Karbala - and babysit - The Oil Ministry announced, on the allocation of four billion dollars for the establishment of Karbala oil refinery capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day.

    The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for refineries and gas industry Ahmed Chandler in a press statement that "the ministry will it upon themselves to build a refinery Karbala capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day," noting that it "has allocated four billion dollars for the project and one billion dollars a year for four years."

    He added that "the ministry will sign a contract with a consulting firm to oversee and manage the entire project, as well as to help them assess advanced companies to build the project," adding that it "had approached a number of companies to build refineries to build oil refinery in Karbala."

    The Chandler said that "three refineries other which include Nasiriyah refinery capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day and refinery Maysan and refinery Kirkuk capacity of 150 thousand barrels each will be displayed for foreign investment," while the detection of "negotiations with some foreign companies to build refinery Maysan" ... p / i

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    Tuesday 30 October 2012
    Deputy list Rafidain accused States and regional media of exaggerating the political crisis

    Agencies - accused of Rafidain list MP Imad John, regional countries and the media of exaggerating the crisis and raise the size, noting that the success of the national meeting linked sincerity of the political blocs.

    John said in a press statement "that there was no sincere intentions of the political blocs to develop solutions to the existing problems for years will not not meeting the national role to resolve disputes.

    He added: that the solution to the crisis is linked to political blocs and their sincerity to resolve differences and abide by the constitution and the law and previous agreements, this will be the standard by which national meeting succeed or not.

    The MP for the Rafidain list to: The Arab Spring and witnessed the Syrian arena of the repercussions affect the situation in Iraq, noting: that the differences experienced by the political process did not worsen for up to stage estrangement but regional states and external interventions raised the magnitude of the crisis as well as the media has exaggerated differences.

    John continued: Despite differences, but there is relative stability because the parliament is in charge and the political blocs to negotiate and there is harmony between ministers within the government, but the leaders of the blocs from time to time and create some kind of crisis or put the themes "thorny" the complexity of the political scene. P / h


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    Tuesday 30 October 2012
    Tehran: possible to resolve the nuclear issue if the West recognizes our rights

    Follow-up - and babysit -said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin important breast of his country's nuclear issue will be resolved as soon as Western recognition of the right of Tehran to possess the nuclear fuel cycle for peaceful purposes.

    The ميهمان denied Brest during his weekly press conference US-Iranian negotiations, stressing that these rumors are for internal electoral purposes, saying: news about the existence of talks between Iran and the United States are for electoral purposes in the United States.

    He considered important breast that there is no difference between who will take power in America, but it is important to respect peoples' rights newcomer.

    And stressed the important breast that if implemented the Zionist entity threatened to Iran, he will have decided the inevitable end, stressing the need to pull the West for his troops from the region in order to ensure stability.

    He said the crisis that apply in the region involving the Zionist goals, and provoke differences between countries in the region are in favor of the Zionist entity.

    On Sudan, spokesman denounced the attack aircraft of the Zionist occupation on Sudanese military Yarmouk factory which was the center of an international silence, denying any connection to Iran factory.

    And important breast stressed the need to condemn the Zionist aggression on Sudan in the UN Security Council and international action as a deterrent to attacks continuing entity.

    Syria on, said ميهمان breast that there are various proposals to resolve the crisis, pointing to the need to stop the violence to provide a positive atmosphere for dialogue.

    He Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Brahimi's efforts in Syria, a major step for a better future in this country, stressing the need for continued efforts of other countries in order to bring calm to Syria in an effort to hold dialogue.

    He added: Truce in Syria constitutes a step forward, but a breach militants have prevented access to the result.

    He also important breast on the need to implement reforms in Syria, but the Syrian people, adding that countries seeking to thwart the efforts of the Patriarchs in Syria and is active in Lebanon in this direction.

    And stressed important breast stop foreign interference in Syria is the first step to resolve the crisis.

    In terms of the situation taking place in Myanmar Mehmanparast said that this crisis and the suffering of Muslims current contrived by some countries, stressing the need everyone tries to stop the sectarian crimes against Muslims in this country.

    The Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out that the international silence towards the events of Myanmar indicates duplication in dealing with human rights issues, calling on the international community and human rights vaunted to take effective steps to end the suffering of Muslims in Myanmar.

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