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    Wednesday 24 October 2012
    The launch of the second generation of (Key Card) to the private sector and citizens early next year

    BAGHDAD - babysit -Smart Card Co. announced the launch of the second generation of card to card to the private sector and citizens of all segments early next year.The General Director of the company Bahaa Abdel Hadi in a press statement that he will be able to citizens and owners of companies and all categories of private sector acquisition smart card (for Card) early next year after that included the first generation of card segments retirees and social welfare network, staff and displaced.

    He explained that the second-generation card will be multifunctional and uses مقتنيها such as payment of bills, shopping malls and so on.

    He pointed to the possibility of the company granting students of colleges and institutes to collect the amounts allocated to them from the government if firing those amounts ... p / i

    Tuesday 23 October 2012

    Iraqi Stock Exchange index lower in today's session up 0.18 percent at 119.88 points

    BAGHDAD - babysit-Index Iraqi market for securities in the session onTuesday by 0.18 percent, to 119.88 points.During the meeting, trading of shares of 38 joint-stock company of the 84 companies listed electronically, share prices of 16 companies, and the prices of shares of 9 companies which, while preserving 13 companies on the stock price.

    The number of shares traded in today's meeting billion and 261 million shares, worth more than one billion and 609 million dinars, achieved through the implementation of 458 contract traded.

    The industrial sector witnessed trading shares of 9 companies, shares of two companies, and share prices of 5 companies which, while preserving companies on prices their shares, and the number of shares traded industrial companies 89 million shares worth more than 175 million dinars have been achieved through the implementation of 131 contract traded.

    And saw the hotel sector shares of 6 companies, shares of two of them, while preserving the 3 companies on the stock price, and share prices of one company only, and the number of shares traded for the hotel industry 8 million shares, worth more than 143 million dinars, achieved through the implementation of 25 contract traded.

    And have been implemented 64 contract for the purchase of non-Iraqi investors in the sectors of banking, industry and services, with 9 contracts have been implemented sale in banks and industry sectors. Q, Q

    Tuesday 23 October 2012
    Iraq's ambassador to the U.S. calls for America to put pressure on Exxon on its activities in Kurdistan

    BAGHDAD - babysit -Iraq's ambassador to the United States that "the U.S. government should

    pressure on Exxon Mobil on its activities in Kurdistan
    because that would exacerbate conflicts between Baghdad and the region."

    Exxon Baghdad nearly a year ago by signing exploration agreement with the Government of the northern Kurdistan, the province

    rushed to sign similar agreements with other international oil companies, but the government in Baghdad considers all these agreements void.

    The ambassador said Jaber Habib told reporters on Exxon after a seminar on Iraq's energy sector at the center for Strategic and

    International Studies, "We want the U.S. government to exercise some pressure on this company. Q, Q

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    Tuesday 23 October 2012
    Parliamentary power: the withdrawal of foreign companies from the oil fields will not affect the production of

    Baghdad - and babysit - Eliminated a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentaryBahaa Aldin, influenced Akaddrtin production and export of Iraqi crude oil at the withdrawal of Exxon Mobil of the West Qurna field and company BP of Rumaila, because he will Bdlaúha international companies other giant.The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristanireceived a message on his e-mail of ExxonMobil confirms abandoning the West Qurna oil field, and on the other official source in British Petroleum (BP) that the company withdraw from the notes Rumaila oil field in Basra.

    Aldin said in a press statement: The withdrawal of foreign companies from the oil fields large will not adversely affect the production and export of Iraqi crude oil, because many international companies sober and sophisticated in the oil field you want to work in the fields of oil When the withdrawal of these companies will replace them companies best of them.

    He added: that of the oil was not aware of companies that will replace Exxon Mobil and BP when their withdrawal from the West Qurna fields and Rumaila because there is no formal notification by these companies to the Ministry of Oil, and when that happens, the ministry will take swift action, through a contract with other companies so does not affect the rate of production and export of oil ... p / i

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    Tuesday 23 October 2012

    Oil signs contract pipeline to transport gas with a Korean company

    BAGHDAD - babysit - The Ministry of oil through the airline and oil pipelines, Inc. / Kocaz / South Korean contract pipeline to transport gas between the Kirkuk oilfields and the Baiji refinery.The general director of the company Hashim Abdul Ghafoor in his speech during the celebration of the signing of the contract that "oil pipelines and gas have been in previous years to sabotage and multiple excesses accompanied by a tremendous effort sustained in order to accomplish and bring it back to standard work periods."

    He added, "This contract is the first step of large projects for the rehabilitation of pipeline networks that reach lengths / 7000 / km spread over most provinces and mostly end-of-life, especially as it has extended since the sixties and seventies of the last century."

    Abdul Ghafoor said that the value of the contract amount / 127 / million / 500 / thousand dollars a completion period / $ 22 / month, indicating that the project falls within the investment plan for the current year.

    He stressed that the completion of these projects will lead to increased amounts of liquid gas between Kirkuk and Baiji, in addition to increased processing and extra meals for electric plants and warehouses ... p / i

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    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Staff Arshad: Foreign Relations are going to discuss the decision to protect the Iraqi territory of Turkish violations

    Agencies - A member of the Foreign Relations Committee, MP for the coalition in Iraq Staff Zebari, the existence of parliamentary attempts to cancel the agreement entered into by the previous regime with Turkey, to head off Turkish raids sovereign Tnetk and Iraqi territory under the pretext of pursuing elements of the Kurdistan Workers Party.

    Zebari said in a press statement on Wednesday: the Committee will consider in the near future, a decision to cancel the old agreement signed by the previous regime with Turkey, which allows the presence of military forces in the territory of Kurdistan, to hunt down PKK in the region.

    He added: We will conduct a study produced by the agreements are discussed in the House of Representatives in order to reach the vision clear and agreed upon by the political parties to protect Iraqi territory. P / h


    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Displays a checkpoint north of Babylon to an armed attack

    Babylon - and babysit -Unidentified gunmen attacked yesterday evening checkpoint Federal Police in Albhbhan area of the rock cliff hand 45 km northwest of Hilla.

    A source in Babil police armed group clashed with police and then pulled out to an unknown destination without any injuries remember "... p / i


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    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Uday Awad: Ahrar bloc with radical solutions and not prosthetic to the crisis

    BAGHDAD - babysit
    - MP for the Liberal bloc MP Uday Awad mass thatdemands a radical solution to the crisis and not with prosthetic solutions,and be the starting point to resolve disputed issues, not participants.

    Awad said in a press statement: that the Sadrists with the final solution to the current crisis, not the solution Prosthetic or temporary, pointing out that the temporary solutions and the final is not going to work.

    He called "to work on the consensus of the political blocs and convergence of views on a lot of things and issues and the laws to be able to reach a solution sponsor them out and the political process from the current crisis, and look at the problems look Iraqi national, not a particular look Ktheloah or partisan and be the Constitution is working basis for resolving these problems and respect for all political agreements.

    He stressed "the need to be working for the interest of Iraq, especially since the life cycle of the current government not long and rolls a lot from him and was unable political forces nor Parliament nor even the government achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi citizen. / He said / p / i
    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Maysan Oil Company announces the completion of drilling 46 new wells and development wells

    Architecture - and babysit -Maysan Oil Company announced the completion of drilling [46] new oil wells, and reclamation of old wells in the province.

    The general director of Maysan Oil Company Ali Qubool, in a statement, "
    The company [Petro China] Chinese, which manages development processes Halfayah field, 35 km southeast Maysan, under contract in licensing rounds second, and since conducted the actual implementation of its year 2010 Until now, was able to complete drill 30 new wells and reclamation 6 wells are old, and carried out the excavation work Dagin contracted by the company Home Petrojayna ".

    "We also completed company [Weather Ford] in the province drill 15 new wells, out of 20 wells have been contracted with the company listed on the drilled, in the field of Albozorkan, in addition to the completion of drilling a well in the Fakka north by the company Kul, and reclaim the number of wells ".

    The Qubool that "my company [Weather Ford] and Kul are implementing their work according to contracts with a company CNOOC China, which holds the management field development Albozorkan, in addition to fields Fakkah North and South and Abu Gharb, which won the contract in the first licensing round."
    He said his cadres "relay with foreign companies implementing its attention to detail, and was able to overcome many difficulties and solve problems encountered in the work of these companies in various fields, contributing to accelerate the pace of work."

    The total production of crude oil in the fields of Maysan province currently has about 217 thousand barrels per day,issued most of that amount through the ports of Basra and owns Maysan province stockpile enormous crude oil, an estimated 30 billion barrels can be increased, in addition to large quantities of gas associated with oil .

    It is noteworthy that estimates of the amount of reserves of oil in the field Halfaya, 30 km east of the city of Amarah Missan province is estimated at [16] billion barrels of oil and has 8 reservoirs unexplored, was drilled the first well in which in 1976, which is one of the largest oil fields in southern Iraq p / i

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    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Attorney-Maliki show optimism Bembagesat government with the Kurdish delegation

    BAGHDAD - babysit -expressed MP for the coalition of state law, Adel al-Maliki optimistic government successfully discussions with the Kurdish delegation.

    Maliki said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) "that talks between the Kurdish delegation was characterized by positive and clarity, pointing to the existence of progress
    could lead to the creation of a proper ground to develop appropriate solutions to outstanding problems between the center and Kurdistan.

    Maliki stressed the need to be all the political blocs claim by truthful and accurate and not to achieve certain objectives in addition to the flexibility and mutual trust to reach the most effective solution if these cases are available, all problems will be solved in the near future.

    Referring to the necessity of accelerating the adoption of laws that causes these crises and of a set of laws with regard to oil and energy and electoral law Maitalq and Article 140 is constitutional and responsible population to solve the problems of the disputed areas. P / h
    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Allkash calls to the announcement of the agreements held by the political blocs and not to make them secret

    BAGHDAD - babysit
    -called the National Alliance MP Mohammed Allkash to the announcement of the terms of any agreement between the political blocs and not make it secret, such as the Convention on Arbil, warning of the risk of confidentiality agreements that take place behind the scenes as he put it.

    Said Allkash in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) on Wednesday: "The agreement Arbil included twofold first formation of the government and the second of the Erbil has worsened the crisis this agreement because of confidentiality, and non frankness Iraqi people detail from the outset, stressing that the current crisis can not be completed without provide a genuine desire among all the political blocs. "p / g

    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Shara stresses the need to achieve the supreme national interest of the country

    BAGHDAD - babysit
    - MP for mass citizen affiliated with the National Alliance Furat al-Shara on the need to achieve the supreme national interest of the country and it's important that everyone works to achieve this goal.

    Shara said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) "that confirm Mr. Hakim on the importance of having a government that includes most consistent is very important and should be a majority of political harmony for the National Action joint, stressing that the intersection of the political blocs among themselves and so different reason paralysis in the work of the government and other services, calling on everyone to intensify dialogue and Annagah and out of these differences as soon as possible, especially that the citizen waited long and can not wait indefinitely, indicating that the government's majority political lead to melting of sectarian interests, national and factional and ethnic interests most important and broader the national interest. p / g

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    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Zaidi: the threat to withdraw from the political process is unacceptable and incorrect practice

    BAGHDAD - babysit
    - MP for the Liberal bloc affiliated to the National Alliance Riad al-Zaidi said the threat to withdraw from the political process in the event of non-implementation of the demands on is unacceptable.

    He Zaidi told news public opinion (and babysit) on Wednesday: "The government is a government of national partnership and everyone must respect the other parties,

    said Zaidi said the actions of the Kurds recent unacceptable and they have demands and if they do not materialize, they threaten to withdraw and this work is targeting for the Iraqi people and the practice is not correct, and demanded Zaidi Kurds review their affairs and their situation and be with the general context and not to be drawn behind the desires desired by the Kurdistan,noting that the Kurdistan Alliance wants to pass the law of oil and gas in accordance with the vision their own

    and not as stated by the Constitution and have a desire to be special quota peshmerga This is not provided for in the Constitution and it states that the Kurdistan police and guards for help only and not the army, he said, adding that the Kurds objected to arming the Iraqi army and we met with military commanders and stressed the need for arming.

    The media have reported that the Kurdistan presidency announced that in case of failure of negotiations the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad, there are several possibilities, including withdrawal from the federal government and the Iraqi Council of Representatives. P / g

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    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Deputy Law: the Government's majority parties need to carry a national project

    BAGHDAD - babysit
    - MP for the rule of law in favor of al-Asadi that the government of political majority within existing political formations are unrealistic as they represent nationalities and denominations.
    Asadi said in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) "the country in this period can not be a range or specific national govern other where as we so far have not gotten to the stage that constitute which parties bear a national project and therefore When this happens it will be possible to form a majority government. "

    "This type of administration parties need to carry out national far from factional and nationalism in the case of application of majority government at the moment, we will enter the other problems."

    The State of Law coalition has repeatedly waved probability form a majority government that political administration of the country within the concept of partnership was born a lot of crises ... p / i

    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    Albzona: Kurdish fears of arming the Iraqi army is justified

    BAGHDAD - babysit -
    MP for the National Alliance, Jawad Albzona that fears the Kurds of arming the Iraqi army is justified.
    And Albzona said in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and babysit)"Kurds fear of arming the Iraqi army probably lies their intention to declare aKurdish state or their quest to annex Kirkuk to Iraqi Kurdistan and this section wary of building the Iraqi forces."

    "The National Alliance supported the visit by the Prime Minister to both Russia and the Czech Republic, the aim of which was arming the Iraqi army with defensive weapons because Iraq is possible to be subjected to a policy of arm-twisting and linking arms with some decisions in the region."

    Noting that necessity requires that Iraq will be open to all countries and not be constrained by certain third party.

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki paid a visit to both Russia and the Czech Republic signed a contract to arm the Iraqi army to provide aircraft and air defense systems ... P / i

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    Tuesday 23 October 2012

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the approval of Kuwait to settle the issue of airline

    BAGHDAD - babysit -Foreign Ministry announced the approval of the State of Kuwait to settle the issue of Kuwait Airways.

    A statement issued by the ministry today received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of that "Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait made contact with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the day in which he confirmed the approval of the State of Kuwait to resolve the issue of Kuwait Airways and signed the Amir of Kuwait Emiri decree to a decree law to approve the financial settlement that has been reached between the two sides. "

    He added that he "informed Zebari that law has been published today in the Official Gazette of Kuwait, and law firms have been informed in Britain to halt all proceedings on the Iraqi Airways and property in Iraq."

    The statement continued that "the two sides they had signed a final settlement by the Iraq to pay $ 500 million in compensation final to Kuwait Airways Such a decision to lift all restrictions and complications on rebuilding Iraqi Airways and freedom to buy new aircraft and the establishment of its air fleet."

    The statement noted that "the foreign minister praised the Kuwaiti decision and its importance to strengthen bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries and peoples." Q, Q


    NOW.. You may recall back sometime in JULY, an article was released about this.. I AM NOT SURE IF IT WAS THE GAZETTE.. However, I NEVER REMEMBER READING anywhere the part that I made large:

    firms have been informed in Britain to halt all proceedings on the Iraqi
    Airways and property in Iraq."

    Now I MAY be losing my my deggum mind... but I do not remember seeing this little DETAIL HERE!!! ^^^^

    SPECIAL NOTE: I AM TRYING TO LOCATE THIS : "informed Zebari that law has been published today in the Official Gazette of Kuwait,"

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    Will bring more Gazette and other articles to you as I am able..

    Peace & Blessings,


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