Strength of the counter-terrorism-related Maliki's office fired on police in Basra, a local official engagement is ... Scandal
Posted 23/10/2012 11:48 PM
BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation"
Fired power of the counter-terrorism linked to Maliki's office, fire on police in Basra, a local official said the clash between the two security services scandal and an indication of the failure.
The number of injured members of the security forces after a confrontation between the strength of anti-terrorism and other federal police, including an officer in the federal police, described his condition very critically.
So called President of the Liberal bloc in Basra Mazen Mezni an immediate investigation and serious about confrontation witnessed by the city last night between the fight against terrorism and the federal police, saying that the situation reflects a dangerous precedent.

Element of the anti-terrorism task force

Mezni said that "an exchange of fire between employees of the two devices proof of the failure security leaders in the city as well as it represents a precedent should stand then."
He pointed out that "the wounded who were killed in this confrontation was better to sacrifice for Iraq and its people."