poppy3 prediction ??? careful dan lol lol well rich friends my thoughts are that if DR Shabibi is not returned or heaven forbid will not return then our RV dreams are in jeopardy big time. The IMF, WORLD BANK, BIS, AND UNITED NATIONS made deals with Shabibi and his staff and they don't know and will not trust Maliki's Goons he has put in place.
They have already stated they will not honor any proposed RV from these people. Plus another of my worries and perhaps the worst thing is what if DR SHABIBI refuses to come back because Maliki and the GOV leaders of Iraq have smeared his good name around the world ??
This would definitely throw us into next year and may be months into next year if he isn't exonerated and returned very fast to do his job this is a very good possibility.
Maliki continues to lead the disruption and gain control of anything he wants . However there seems again to be alignment of leadership pulling together to remove him from office and it is much more organized and determined than before . We can only hope and pray they stick to their guns and pull his stinger this time. I will reserve any prediction about what they will really do at this time. I can assure you he now is in position to have a full blown dictatorship. He now has the leadership of the military, the police force and has now gained control of the CBI and reaching for the money??? This doesn't look good at all.
It is my hope that the united nations, IMF and the USA leaders will protect us from him getting his hands on the reserve funds of IRAQ. Dan / Poppy3
This is still one of the most critical and telling articles from the weekend….
Economy Parliamentary Committee warns of impact of Shabibi issue on the reputation of the Iraqi dinar internationally

Twilight News / confirmed for economic and investment commission parliamentary, Saturday, that the issue of Director CBI Shabibi, will have negative repercussions on the Iraqi economy and on his reputation, and as warned that what is happening will Iraq’s money abroad for prosecution, stressed that no power over the Central Bank only through the Iraqi Council of Representatives.
“Twilight News”, ”The issue Shabibi will have implications and repercussions is appropriate on the Iraqi economy aware of his reputation.”
Khalil added that “the Iraqi Central Bank has an international reputation and must be preserved and observance and preserve the value of the Iraqi dinar at the global level”, rejecting “the government’s handling of the issue Shabibi through defamation by the media.”
Khalil said that “the accused is innocent until proven guilty and was supposed to government wait while issued against central bank governor until he returned to the country and leave it to the judiciary and investigative committees in the House of Representatives to preserve the reputation of the bank and the Iraqi dinar away from escalation media.”
Khalil continued, “The issue Shabibi still primitive Btorha and can handle this form of escalation, especially the position he has held very sensitive nor Sultan on the central bank only through the Iraqi Council of Representatives.”
And Khalil stressed that “parliament when his appeal to its will discuss and looking issue Shabibi in all its dimensions and quietly and away from the escalation media and agitation”, warning that “what is happening now could jeopardize Iraq’s money to prosecution, especially as Iraq is still under Chapter VII.” (These guys might not be such dummies after all).
A source familiar with the Council of Ministers, has revealed last Tuesday, in a statement for “Twilight News” The Council decided at its insulation Shabibi down after an investigation on financial corruption within the bank by one of the parliamentary committees (Finance Committee), and the appointment of Abdul Basit Turki Agency of the Central Bank.
It is said that the Supreme Judicial Council, had announced the day before yesterday, Thursday, for a case Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi judicial organ of the Court of integrity to decide the validity of the charges against him or not.
He warned the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the collapse of the country’s economy as a result of “prime minister interventions work of the Central Bank,” he said, calling the National Alliance to adopt his paper points made in the reform process.
Iraqi List, revealed earlier in the day Saturday, to discuss the issue of the sacking of Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi in the next session of the House of Representatives, usually dismiss Shabibi by the government “encroachment” on the authority of the House of Representatives.
http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar& tl=en&u=http://www.shafaaq.com/sh2/news/ec

This was the most powerful article from Saturday – and I completely forgot to mention it on the Conference Call. Sorry. As I said initially – there will be some significant oversight of all the recent actions.