Rush Limbaugh Transcript - Oct 22 - Cancel US Debt
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Thread: Rush Limbaugh Transcript - Oct 22 - Cancel US Debt

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    Rush Limbaugh Transcript - Oct 22 - Cancel US Debt

    I found this interesting today, while listening to Limbaugh. --- KWSN

    "There's something else about a second term [Obama] agenda. For you people who are well-heeled in the world of finance, I saw something speculated about. Business Insider I think was the website over the weekend. Any of you remember the Matrix movies? What's that actor's name that played Neo? Yeah, Keanu Reeves. He took the red pill, remember? The red pill. What was the red pill? Do you remember what the red pill did? It just wiped out current reality. It just eliminated current reality.

    There are some people speculating that in a second term, Obama would simply cancel all American debt. Just cancel it! And in the process, totally destroy the value of the US dollar. Just cancel it. You're asking, "How does he do that?" Well, you work with the Federal Reserve and you just cancel the debt. You just wipe it out and say, 'We're canceling it and we're starting fresh. We're starting brand-new, starting all over."

    Here is the Business Insider article that Rush was referring to:
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