Integrity Committee: Shabibi victim attempts to acquire Central Bank
Agencies - 10/22/2012 - 12:19 pm | Readers: 23

Saw the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that attempt to acquire the Central Bank by the federal government claimed the lives of Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi.
The Supreme Judicial Council announced, for the issuance of an arrest warrant for former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi and a number of officials in corruption cases.
A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Kurdistan Alliance MP Sherif Soliman told (JD): The recently witnessed pressures and attempts to acquire the authority's central bank and lay hands upon, but the last few days and charged financial corruption of the bank, which resulted in the overthrow of the Governor of the Bank.
Solomon said: Everyone is afraid of the course of this case, which has become politicized, although attempt Atghae formula, monitor professional.
He demanded that the central bank is far from acquisition Mhalaot, being an independent body linked to the Iraqi Council of Representatives. According to the report submitted by the committee overseeing the central bank, which included both of the heads of the two financial, economic and BSA under the supervision of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail: that investigations proved the existence of sale of foreign currency to banks and corporations themselves and that has smuggled to neighboring countries.
The Federal Supreme Court issued a decision in 2011 requires CONNECT independent bodies referred to in the Iraqi constitution, notably the Central Bank and the Independent Electoral Commission, headed by Prime Minister directly, not headed the House of Representatives, The decision came at the request of his Cabinet Office to the Federal Court in 2010, to show link destination.
And criticized the Central Bank of the time in a statement, the decision of the Federal Court judge linking independent bodies under the chairmanship of Prime Minister and not headed by Parliament, noting that the decision constitutes a threat to the Iraqi funds.