Monday 22 October 2012Ammar Tohme: Meet the Kurdish delegation Reform Committee gesture to break the political deadlock

BAGHDAD - babysit - A member of the Reform Committee in the head of the National Alliance Virtue Ammar Tohme, that the meeting between the Kurdistan National Alliance delegation included steps to put many of the files processed.A statement of the Information Office of the taste received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it on Monday: that the meeting between the two parties to ensure the principles of political dialogues between the path, and in the subsequent steps there will be meetings with partners in the Iraqi List.
He added: It was agreed on the need to sustain these dialogues through practical mechanisms perpetuate and end all communication media campaigns convulsive.
He said: that the meeting represents a gesture broke the political deadlock that inhibits many Iraqi political scene and political partners relationship for many vibrations, and the beginning of a direct and explicit dialogues represent a fundamental basis, which could be adopted for resolving and overcoming the crisis.
He explained: everyone Try dispute and its implications and reach an agreed convinced of the inevitability of reaching a solution satisfactory to all political parties.