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    Iraq news 10/22/2012

    Maliki to the Kurdish delegation: to solve our problems with the Constitution does not exchange pleasantries
    الإثنين, 22 تشرين1/أكتوير 2012 13:54
    Monday, October 22 1 / Okrudolf 2012 13:54
    تقييم المستخدم

    Twilight News / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Monday, the need to develop solutions to the problems and outstanding issues on the basis of the constitution and not to "sufficiency exchange of courtesies."

    Maliki was received in his office on Monday, a delegation comprising representatives of Kurdish parties headed by Barham Salih, was at the meeting to discuss various issues with the territory.

    Maliki said in a statement received "Twilight News" copy of "everyone strongly strengthens Iraq and cohesion, and vice versa, and called for" put the interests of Iraq above all else. "

    Maliki stressed the need for contact with real problems and real action to develop solutions on the basis of the constitution and not merely the exchange of courtesies.

    During the meeting agreed on the need to move away from media excitement in the atmosphere and the development of mechanisms for direct dialogue and discuss the problems detailed and processed on the basis of the constitution, according to the statement.

    The Kurdish delegation arrived, the first on Saturday, to Baghdad and held a meeting with President Jalal Talabani, such as start بلقاءاته with Iraqi parties.

    The head of the the Kurdish delegation dialogue in Baghdad, Barham Salih, on Sunday, there is no alternative to dialogue between political parties, pointing out that the current problem include all the country and all its components.

    Jaafari was announced at the same conference about the agreement with the Kurdish delegation who is visiting Baghdad to resolve points of contention and the use of Borkta President Jalal Talabani and Erbil paper.
    Referred to that dialogue Kurdish delegation, which includes all Kurdish political parties except the MDC opposition has held a meeting with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani of the agreement on the bases upon which the negotiations with the other political parties to participate in the political process in Baghdad. And accuse the Kurdistan Region, Maliki consistently fudging in implementing the terms of the agreement of Arbil, which created a government headed by al-Maliki, rather than Iyad Allawi despite the recent victory in the last elections. The problems of oil and the disputed territories and budget of the Peshmerga of the major problems pending between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government.
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    Urgent .. Jaafari: We agreed with the Kurdish delegation to remove differences using Borkta Talabani and Barzani
    الأحد, 21 تشرين1/أكتوير 2012 12:42
    Sunday, 21 October 1 / Okru

    Twilight News / president of the National Alliance agreement with the Kurdish delegation who is visiting Baghdad to resolve points of contention and the use of Borkta President Jalal Talabani and Erbil paper.

    Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in a joint press conference of the National Alliance and the Kurdish delegation attended the "Twilight News", "gathered today with the Kurdish delegation next to Baghdad and we agreed to solve the existing problems." He added that "the meeting focused on the exit from the crisis, and we agreed that the media be building there is nothing wrong with asking the differences, but but Aozm situation but looking for a solution to overcome the stage."
    He said al-Jaafari that "will take advantage of the debates and discussions of Arbil and papers Walmekdma of President Jalal Talabani."

    And pre-empted the Kurdish delegation who gave Baghdad yesterday his meetings with the parties to meet with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

    The delegation includes Barham Salih of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Jaafar Ibrahim of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Mohammad Haji Mahmoud, secretary of the Socialist Party of Kurdistan with representatives of other Kurdish parties.


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    Talabani calls for calm .. The Kurdish delegation engaged in talks «successful

    Talabani calls for calm .. The Kurdish delegation engaged in talks «successful»
    Published 22/10/2012 09:56 AM

    Babinaoz - agencies:
    President Talabani called on politicians to calm while calling on the media to be a positive party in the course of the national dialogue and work on to be an active part in upholding the language of dialogue, love, and avoid every reason to cramping and straining the atmosphere.

    While President Talabani discussed with his deputy, Dr. Khudair Khuzaie efforts to bring the views, arrived Kurdish delegation headed by Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, to Baghdad yesterday morning as part of a round of negotiations to resolve the outstanding issues.

    And met with President Jalal Talabani and Vice President Dr. Khudair Khuzaie Sunday morning in Baghdad.

    It was emphasized at the meeting the importance of joint action between all the forces for the success of dialogues between the political parties and to continue ongoing efforts to bring the views and create atmospheres net to avoid tensions between the parties and encourage all parties to unite word and agree on the participants and to discuss issues and political issues through constructive and frank dialogue and to serve everyone away from the media excitement.

    The President Talabani on Sunday message to the media calling on them to «be dolly and supportive to promote this positive atmosphere and instructive whatever promotes dialogue and reconciliation and progress in the joint work in building the state and its institutions and to provide the best services required for the people who deserve a lot. Talabani said« confidence definite in the sense of responsibility which show most of our media. This is what encourages always invited to be a party to a positive in the path of national dialogue and work to be set aside active in upholding the language of dialogue, love, and avoid every reason to cramping and straining atmosphere .. It is a national responsibility lies with the media also lies with the forces and personalities political call on them to be the level of responsibility in their statements and their data and what they offer views of the media ». Moreover Prime National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari agreement with the Kurdish delegation on a visit to Baghdad to resolve points of contention and the use Borkta President Jalal Talabani and paper Erbil. Jaafari said in joint press conference of the National Alliance and the Kurdish delegation on Sunday «we met with the Kurdish delegation and agreed to solve the existing problems.

    In turn, Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, said that the coming days will witness a new road map to resolve the political crisis. Saleh said in a press conference with the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari said Sunday that «this meeting comes after a lapse of a long time, referring to« need to have dialogue Mr. verdicts in all positions, because there is no alternative but to the Constitution and dialogue to resolve all political problems.

    He added that «the meeting was frank and friendly and dealt with the outstanding problems between the political blocs, did not focus on the demand specific to one side«, indicating that «the conferees were keen to be there quick fixes and radical of all the problems and outstanding issues». Meanwhile Prime National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari «agreement between the two sides to continue dialogue and meetings, and take advantage of the Securities previous Olaeetm jump on them and addressed in proportion to the problems and challenges which we live». and added that «the Kurdish delegation had an effective contribution to meeting», pointing out that the National Alliance «determined to solve all the problems in accordance with the Constitution ». Kurdish delegation was headed by Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, and membership of a number of provincial ministers had arrived in Baghdad yesterday morning as part of a round of negotiations to resolve the outstanding issues. In the meantime, the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government Ashti Hawrami Sunday obligation province delivered oil product to the oil ministry in the central government for the purpose of export.'s Office said Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani said a meeting of senior al-Shahristani, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways and Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government Ashti Hawrami to discuss issues related to oil between the province and Baghdad, stressing the commitment of the province to hand over oil product to the Federal Oil Ministry for the purpose of export. As mentioned Information Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways Sunday, that a delegation representing the side Financial in the province held a meeting with the Ministers of Finance and Planning in the Federal Government on foreign oil companies dues and the province's budget for next year.

    The Office informed «Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network» that «the delegation held a meeting with Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and Minister of Planning Ali Shukri to settle the dues of international oil companies operating in the region as well as to agree on the budget of the Kurdistan region for the next year.

    The Kurdish delegation has ended a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani on differences oil between Baghdad and Erbil. Sources in the reform committee to be informed of the Kurdish delegation on the most important results that have been reached in the dialogue committee with the rest of the political parties «. Meanwhile explained MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod «that the political movement today is heading our appreciation to the convergence of views between the political parties and create a climate for a national meeting and solving problems and contentious issues between the center and the province. He went Chihod that meetings that take place between political leaders aimed to create an appropriate atmosphere for the meeting national prospective which represents a point to initiate the reforms, pointing out that the differences between the center and the region is political, not personal It concerns the powers that we believe that there are violations of constitutional by the province to be resolved dialogues and under the umbrella Constitution ». added Chihod that the visit is in the creation of ground and an appropriate atmosphere and see the details of a paper reform and see the coalition to solve problems and to include the paper to see the Kurdistan Alliance« revealed Chihod about meetings will be conducted by the Kurdish delegation with officials in Baghdad indicating that the political movement is in supporting the efforts of President Talabani to resolve crisis and create a consensus between the blocs to participate in the government.

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    Iqbal: There are problematic in arms deals with Russia because of Iraq's money in the fund [bfi] under Chapter VII
    10/22/2012 - 10:25 AM |

    Said the Iraqi List MP Mohammad Iqbal out there that are problematic in large arms deals with Russia in terms of funding, because Iraq's money is still in the box [bfi] under Chapter VII.He told all of Iraq [where], that "Iraq may not be able to seal the deal, because it is likely to fail, the United States subject, and prevent the transfer of funds to Iraq."
    He Iqbal said that "arming the Army deal a large amount of more than 4 / / billion dollars raised fears a number of political blocs, and the subject as a whole need to be answered by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, considering that held so great deals must be submitted to the House of Representatives and approved" .
    "The timing of the purchase so weapons is not appropriate, and the party that signed with agreed upon many notes, because Iraq being around many events, most notably what is happening in Syria, and we fear that influenced politicians directly or indirectly eventful terrible in Syria and this is reflected on the internal situation" .
    He Iqbal that "reinforcing dangerous and sensitive, especially if the processors are Russia and Eastern European other, because these actors usually Atchetrt on importers how to use the weapon, in addition to the weapons, does not compete with the weapons that come from Europe and America."
    The government has signed a number of arms deals with the State of Russia and the Czech Republic during a visit by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to them, and Kurdistan Alliance expressed concern large arms deals concluded by the Federal Government with these two countries

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    Sponsor terrorism deadly sectarian Saud accuses Sayyed Hakim introduction of explosiv

    Sponsor terrorism deadly sectarian Saud accuses Sayyed Hakim introduction of explosives it
    Ali Aldhargam - 10/21/2012 - 1:05 pm |

    Accused state sponsors of terrorism, sectarian and first Musdrth Hallows Saudi head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim the introduction of explosives and arms and ammunition to them.

    The newspaper Okaz "that has been uncovered weapons, ammunition and equipment for the bombing in [Tank] were trying to export to the city of Qatif in our country."

    The newspaper added that "behind the diversion of these weapons into the Kingdom is 'Ammar al-Hakim' Iraqi Shiite leader."

    And "We do not NRHP not afraid of anyone ... and we are able to protect our land and preserve its security, safety and stability."

    Iraq accuses the Kingdom of Saud export of terrorism and terrorist bombers and pay millions of dollars to defeat the Iraqi experience and killing Iraqis, especially Shiites, household and sits in dozens Alzbahin prisons Saudis involved with the blood of hundreds of sons of the Iraqi people.
    Relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia tainted substantial differences despite recent post at the Baghdad summit held last March, which was represented at the level of ambassador, where the governments have accused each accuse the number of Iraqi politicians Arabia exported terrorism to Iraq. Ended

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    Shabibi you turn the table on the Maliki government
    10/22/2012 - 9:39 am |

    Hadi Nada al-Maliki

    Again located the Iraqi judiciary victim procedures Integrity Commission and the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity without knowing whether this measure intended or deliberate or coordination with the judiciary until we have become accustomed in every issue relating to peace and security and the national economy and it is not clear that this will be the case is the latest in a string of scandals escape or rather smuggling wanted to eliminate from senior government officials from the grip of justice to start after the series of accusations and justification without stops when one of these coincidences bizarre and exotic escape ministers, parliamentarians and senior government officials.
    and the issue of the central bank and its chairman Sana Shabibi "Regardless of whether the man is innocent or corrupt" issue is not much different from its predecessors of the issues that affected many criminals and killers of deputies, ministers and high places in terms of the script and the timing and evolution of the issue dramatically to mount and take direction to issue notes and arrested the accused or required before the measure Committee press conference Parliamentary Integrity announces discovered stunning provocative manner intended class basis miscarriage and defamation then comes the statements that denies what the words of the Chairman of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity gallant and it was unfortunate announcing and exceeded the powers and that he was in a hurry and so of justifications and lies and justification, and the only thing that is different in issue Shabibi on issues that preceded it is that the announcement of a memorandum raising the hand starting and then issue a warrant for the arrest came at a time is still the man out of Iraq, while issued arrest warrants against others who are in Iraq, and therefore it does not need to accompany Khudair Khuzaie to Baghdad airport for up to Kurdistan and then choose the country who would like to live in. wreathed cave splendor and millions looted and salaries continued, and as happened in the case of al-Hashemi and Daini and Janabi and al-Dulaimi and the list goes on and exposure.
    might be Shabibi exceptional case in all cases managed by the Iraqi government and the judiciary and the Commission Parliamentary Integrity and Integrity Commission to pass agendas and laugh at the beards of the Iraqi people simple through and turn the victim into a criminal and out of the failure dressed victor because the man supported by several parties, both internal and external first and he succeeded in achieving economic stability balanced without additional major breakthroughs while maintaining a fixed exchange rate almost the Iraqi dinar during the period Last Second and he owns of clues and evidence which condemns the Maliki government, such as trying to borrow from the reserve force if ignoring by the head of government on a number of corrupt central bank who belongs to his list.
    think Shabibi will return to Iraq to defend himself and his innocence and will come out in one of two goals The innocence full or deal saving face and prestige government crumbling and that was the best of the Hbibi that respects history and professionalism and reject all deals that undermine the history and professionalism and efficiency, for he is able to go out victorious from this confrontation, it may be the position Shabibi boundary between continued government approach miscarriage and between put an end to all tricks in the smuggling of prisoners, criminals and endless

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    National Alliance will discuss the controversial laws to be presented uniformly in parliament 10/22/2012 3:37

    Uzmatk _ Baghdad _ P. St.
    Confirmed Rep. block free parliamentary Magda Tamimi, "The mass submitted a proposal to discuss the laws at issue to agree on laws so that there is disagreement between the coalition in the parliament and within the National Alliance in order to discuss and reach an agreement around for submission uniformly inside the House of Representatives for approval.
    Tamimi said in a statement to the reporter, "news agency Uzmatk"
    National Alliance will discuss the laws of disagreement within the coalition to agree to be unified in the House of Representatives, stressing "the need for there to be special sessions of the National Alliance.


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    Erbil agree with Baghdad on the export of 250 thousand barrels of oil for dues compan

    Erbil agree with Baghdad on the export of 250 thousand barrels of oil for dues companies
    10/22/2012 - 4:18 pm |

    Agreed delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad with the federal government on the issue Arbil, 250 thousand barrels of oil per day, provided that Baghdad will pay dues in oil companies operating in Kurdistan.
    In a statement to the presidency of the provincial government that "the delegation of the Government of the Territory and after arriving in Baghdad held a joint meeting with the delegation of the government in Baghdad in the presence of d. Ruz Nuri Shawis Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and Imad Ahmed, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region," adding that "the meeting aims to end the technical side and display proposals and demands of the Kurdistan Region. "
    The statement said that "the delegation of the Kurdistan Region Show proposals regarding items bill budget for next year," stressing that "the two sides agreed that the issue of the Kurdistan Region 250 thousand barrels of oil per day, on condition that the Iraqi government to pay dues of oil companies in Kurdistan."
    The statement stressed that the agreement between the two sides, "under an agreement on 09.13.2012 ratified by the Iraqi Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Presidency of the Council of Minister of the Kurdistan region," stressing that "collateral decide to put the text of this agreement independently in the general budget of the Iraqi law."
    With regard to the sovereign expenditure of the budget in 2013 and in which there are increasing and that have impacted negatively on the proportion of the Kurdistan Region's share of the general budget, the statement continued that "the two sides agreed that the paragraphs on sovereign expenditures need to be reviewed and set clear benchmarks for it."
    The statement noted that for the expenses of the ruling, the two sides agreed to "exchange those expenses directly to the Kurdistan Region, and unlike past years where she was awarded in coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Finance"
    The statement said that "the two sides decided to refer the substance of the meeting in a file to the House of Representatives for the purpose of endorsing it and take the necessary decisions on the vertebrae and the terms of the joint agreement."
    Relations between Baghdad and Erbil dominated by successive crises, especially with regard to oil contracts concluded by the region and which Baghdad deems illegal, while the region say they are based on the Iraqi constitution and bilateral agreements with the federal government.

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    Assistant Barzani meets Maliki and holding direct talks on differences
    الإثنين, 22 تشرين1/أكتوير 2012 16:20
    Monday, October 22 1 / Okrudolf 2012 16:20

    Twilight News / conducted Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Imad Ahmed, on Monday, direct talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the differences between Baghdad and the region.
    The meeting took place in Baghdad, where, a Kurd task delegation to hold talks in an effort to resolve the outstanding problems in years between the two sides.
    A statement issued by the Information Office of the owners and sent for "Twilight News" via e The two sides discussed "several issues related to the relationship between the government and the province."
    The oil contracts and budget of the Peshmerga and the disputed territories of the most prominent outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.
    Kurds accuse al-Maliki fudging on joint agreements that led to the formation of his government in the framework of a power-sharing agreement called the Erbil agreement.
    He has discussed with the Head of Delegation of the province of Kurdistan, Barham Salih differences themselves. And had previously served in favor of deputy prime minister in the federal government.
    م ج


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    Member of the parliamentary foreign relations: remove Iraq from Chapter VII is still

    Member of the parliamentary foreign relations: remove Iraq from Chapter VII is still linked to the issue of Kuwait
    10/22/2012 - 12:25 pm |

    A member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee Roژ Mahdi to remove Iraq from Chapter VII is still linked to the issue of Kuwait.He told all of Iraq [where], that "there are obligations in Chapter VII, and most of them linked to our problems with Kuwait, and if you settle the matter between us and the Kuwaiti side will come out of this country heading."
    Mehdi added that "attempts committees formed for the purpose of solving all problems of the seventh item is still ongoing, but so far there are files continuously toward Iraq, and especially the issue of Kuwait."
    He explained that "most of the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the final stage cast toward closing these files and an end to the commitments in the seventh item, but if it does not reassure Kuwait from Iraq's position will continue to be in this item."
    Mahdi said that "there is a conviction within the Security Council of the need to close the files of Iraq with Kuwait, and confirmation that things have a characteristic dual between the two countries, and must be resolved once and for all."
    Iraq has been under since 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, which imposed after the invasion of Kuwait in August of the same year

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