Kuwaiti politics: Maliki seeks to excessive government contract partnership with Iranian backing
2012-10-21 11:43:38

BAGHDAD (Iba) / follow / ... said a Kuwaiti newspaper that the accelerated political dialogues within a block of the National Alliance, which is the key component of the government of Nouri al-Maliki, with the aim of finalizing the formation of a majority government, and solve the Government of the current partnership with the Kurdistan Alliance led by Massoud Barzani and the coalition Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

A senior source revealed the Sadrist movement's (policy) that contacts conducted by Iranian diplomats in Baghdad with leaders of the National Alliance to accelerate the formation of a majority government headed by al-Maliki before the end of this year.

The source said that the Iranian government wants to form a majority government quickly because they believed that this would be exceptional support to the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, and can contribute to deter the revolution there, and that the formation of a majority government in Iraq sends strong political message at the regional level for the power of Iranian influence, He pointed out that the Sadrist movement is facing growing pressure from Tehran, in order to support dissolving the partnership and the establishment of a majority government headed by the National Alliance exclusively,and the Sadrist leadership received offers from close to Maliki include given the position of deputy prime minister for personal vest, in addition to granting a two bags Wazzareeten Alsiadetin , financial or oil to the Sadrist movement in the event of the formation of a majority government. [SO MALIKI HAS OFFERED SADR THE POSITION OF DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER IF HE WILL GET ON BOARD WITH THIS]

Furthermore, questioned the Kurdistan Alliance MP Sharif Salman Ali, al-Maliki's ability to resolve the partnership government, because it does not have sufficient guarantees for the formation of such a government at this time the circumstances.

The MP said Ali, who belongs to the Kurdistan Democratic Party headed by Barzani, that in the absence of any signs of a solution to the current political crisis and stalled efforts by President Jalal Talabani to hold national meeting, chose Maliki escalation stances against his political partners in an attempt to rush toward the formation of a majority government under his leadership.

He added that the Iranian and Syrian regimes play an important role in the current trend to form a majority government,because this means that Maliki can take decisions more in favor of the Assad regime in the face of the consequences of the Syrian revolution,as the majority government in a nutshell will make Maliki more alliance with the Iranian leadership and perhaps new attitudes are evident in this alliance were not clear and declared through a partnership government.

And on the Kurdistan Alliance, has revealed some leaks that Maliki succeeded in convincing some of the leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Talabani, an ally of Hezbollah Barzani to join majority government amid information talked about that the Foreign Ministry portfolio goes to the personality of the party Talabani, who will remain in office probably, What is a blow to the unity of the political position of the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, which is a federal governing.

And accepted the movement change headed نيشيروان Mustafa Amin in the city of Sulaimaniya to take over personal Kurdish of this movement, the position of deputy prime minister by these leaks, as the leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is trying to persuade Mustafa Amin that coincides support for a majority government headed by al-Maliki to declare Sulaymaniyah province stand-alone Any separation from Kurdistan in coordination with some of the leaders of the National Union.

In a related development, said the deputy in the National Alliance for the Virtue Party Mohammed Hindawi The Syrian crisis and its repercussions regional and security concerns associated with the fall of the Assad regime should pay Maliki to strengthen the government of national consensus and partnership instead of going to form a majority government, explaining that the nature and magnitude of the differences between the parties Iraqi political and serious security challenges facing the Iraqi situation does not fit with the subtraction current to form a majority government, the results desired solution partnership government will not be realized, and the extremist armed groups will be the beneficiary of a majority government to justify the implementation of terrorist attacks more vicious and bloody.

For his part, the deputy in the National Alliance for the Islamic Supreme Council Ali Shaker Mehdi said the secret of the change in the position of al-Hakim's pro-government majority headed by al-Maliki, is convinced that the latter must give a final chance to unique in forming a government as he pleases and thus bear after full responsibility alone any failures may occur in situations of security and economic, because it often justify failing to manage security that shackled government partnership, denied that al-Hakim had been subjected to pressure Iran or Syria to support the formation of a majority government or the two Taatdkhalan to pay the National Alliance to solve a government partnership with Allawi and Barzani.

Meanwhile, revealed among the stream wise for (policy) that Maliki requested assurances from the powers were part of the National Alliance to be majority government under his leadership, because of concerns that are resolved partnership government and then being put forward candidates from the Sadrist movement or the Supreme Council to preside over this government in the coming period.

She said these circles that al-Maliki suggested that the resignation of a government partnership to parliament in conjunction with voting by giving confidence to form a majority government, fearing that delay in deciding to choose the head of government of the majority to change the attitudes of what constitutes a conspiracy to depose him completely from the presidency of any new Iraqi government. (End)