News Reports requires the resignation of the current government .. parliamentary blocs rule out the formation of a majority government and Souhail demands to dissolve parliament

Union: supported the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement majority government, on condition that offers forms of government, guarantees and ceilings of time to provide electoral and governmental programs,

Advocate for Aastrk government to be a real opposition calendar. The head of the Liberal bloc Bahaa al-Araji, according to a statement issued yesterday, said, "In recent escalated calls for a government majority of national or political majority or majority government, and that this claim legitimate, but through my notes to the statements and reference officials and MPs who demanded this requirement is found only a political game intended to achieve some results that have paybacks partisan and factional. " And that "it is not reasonable to demand in the fourth quarter of the age of the government government national majority, and where were these voices three years ago, this part of, the other hand, the formation of any government means must resignation of this government, and I, I believe that the prime minister and mass to which he belongs not have sufficient confidence that they will get a vote of confidence, and contrived crises that came on the Arbil meeting was proof of this matter. " He said the "majority means that the alliance is of a majority in such a thing, and therefore does not have the National Alliance curb this moment sufficient numbers to form this government, and must involve others, and the involvement of others must make it clear that based on our mood and our approval, but there must be a genuine partnership in this matter. " He Araji that "if we are heading with some of said we should be in front of a majority government for the components, this means a shortcut and give privileges to certain figures and parties concerned are such a component without the other, and therefore we will be in front of retail real components and this will reflect on that there will be strife after The sectarian will be between the same community or within a single nation. "
In contrast, rule out the MP for the coalition in Iraq Ahmed Mohammed al-Jubouri, to be able to any party to form a majority government, Jubouri said for (news) he saw no breakthrough to the current crisis because all the political blocs sticking their demands will not waive any requirement for the benefit of the country. He added that "a majority government option will not be looking inside the coalition in Iraq", unlikely to be able to block any form a majority government at the present time. The leader of the coalition of state law Saad logistical, subtract three solutions in the event of the failure of the national meeting. The logistical "in the absence of successful endeavors President collect political forces at one table through the national meeting, the front of the political parties three options foremost quo for what it is and the continued crisis, Second: the formation of a majority government, and continued: As the last option is to go early elections. "
For its part, the MP for the coalition reported Moussawi state law, that the National Alliance is who will form a majority government in the event of failure of the national meeting and Scharkh part of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance. Musawi said (news) there is a consensus obtained between the National Alliance and some parties in the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to see the building. She added, "that a government of national partnership proved to be a failure so must go to a majority government and there is a shared vision between the National Alliance and some other political parties and this government will be the best solution to rid the country of differences." She noted that the National Alliance is who will form a majority government and the parties of the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan will participate in this government.
In a related context, the MP for the mass patriots Abdul Rahman Alloizi, that in the event of the failure of the blocks in line to solve the problems that the country has seen, فالذهاب early parliamentary elections, is the best option to get out of the political crisis. Said Alloizi's (news) on Wednesday, "The political blocs different division spoils among themselves, and not to serve the Iraqi people or to achieve its demands, including the elimination of unemployment or solve the problem of electricity," explaining that "the political arena did not witness the withdrawal of any block of the blocks or threaten to withdraw because of the lack of a solution to the problems of citizens. " The Alloizi "that in the event of failure of the political blocs in line" not unreasonable "to stay status quo and the impact of the political crisis on the citizens, Flakhiar front blocs only recourse for early parliamentary elections, is the best choice out of the crisis, ruling out recourse political blocs to internationalize the political problems.
Furthermore, revealed independent MP Safia al-Suhail, Wednesday, that it will apply by hand to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of more than 50 deputies, claiming it to be replaced by Parliament itself after the holiday, citing "failure" to pass important laws, the extent she said. Suhail said (Voices of Iraq), "I'll offer an application by hand to the presidency of the Iraqi parliament initiative me اطالبه dissolve itself after the holiday, the voice of the Iraqi people, who no longer has a choice, wry performance of parliament, which failed to pass laws important." She added that "there are more than 50 MPs Ioavqona opinion in my call, and will be collecting signatures for the application after the holiday directly", and condemned what it considered "political deals that are held outside the parliament, which take its toll on the adoption of laws and this otherwise democratic system because transactions serve blocs more than political service to the people. " She said "supposed to Parliament was honest I swear it, his duty to discuss at its laws do not be meeting just protocol interface to provide approved by the political blocs and behind closed doors."
In addition, independent MP Kazem Sayadi, Wednesday, the Presidency of the Council of Representatives instruct cancel holiday work week for members of parliament in the provinces and continue to hold the parliamentary sessions this week. Said Sayadi in a statement issued by his office that "there is significant laws still code was postponed more than once a significant laws serve the majority of the Iraqi people, but the withdrawals repeated parliamentary sessions paid for deferred and therefore must exploit this weekend for work in the provinces in order to approve these laws before travel Representatives to their provinces. " Sayadi stressed "the need to accomplish the important laws that serve the majority of the Iraqi people, especially infrastructure law, which for more than once." The witness of the House of Representatives major differences between the parliamentary blocs on a general amnesty and legal payment on credit for the lack of a real consensus of the blocks on them