News reports : Central Bank feared the effect of freeze-Shabibi on his work and his dealings

Union: detect Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki agency on Wednesday that the report of the Board of Supreme Audit reservation on some transactions currency auction, said Turkish for "Alsumaria News",

The "Report of the Board of Supreme Audit, which was sent to the Integrity Commission about the existence of corruption in the Central Bank guarantee check transactions currency auction of the period between the first of January last until early last August, where there have been cases of the absence of follow-up and monitoring of private banks," he "The report reservation to some hard currency auction transactions conducted by the bank." Turki added that "the results of the investigation on the existence of corruption in the Central Bank will announce to the public until the completion of the investigation," and expressed hope that "does not affect the freezing Shabibi on the Bank's work and dealings with international banks." Turkish considered that "the continued currency auction and support the right direction is necessary," stressing the importance of "transaction to be completed in a real bank transactions." The Cabinet decided Tuesday the prime BSA Basset Turki management position of Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency.
In addition, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Wednesday, he did not receive any arrest warrant formal right, but heard about in the media, said Saleh "Alsumaria News", "the arrest warrant issued against me I heard it through the The media nor did I receive a formal, "noting that" the existence of corruption in the Bank's work is one of the serious issues that addressed individually by integrity, and have nothing to do with monetary policy. " Saleh stressed that "monetary policy thing and integrity of people and lack of integrity nothing else mixed in this way is difficult," adding that "officials of the Central Bank of Ivgahon politics and do not know whether this issue politicized or not." Saleh pointed out that "the FSA report has simple observations on the work of the central bank and there is no accusation of corruption," adding that "these observations are unusual in the work of government institutions." A number of media sources quoted the control of the Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant for Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and his deputy, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh on corruption charges.

Economic parliamentary:
Government exploited vacation parliament

Moreover, he saw the decision the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives that the decision to accelerate commissioned Prime BSA Basset Turki management CBI successor to Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi is intentional and deliberate, the fact that the Parliament on holiday. "Said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalil Mahma told all of Iraq , said, "This move will give a negative message internationally and internally," adding that "the decision to speed up the commissioning Abdulbaset succeeding Hbibi not in the interest of Iraq," he said. pointed out that there are no jurisdiction over the central bank only the House of Representatives, noting that "this topic resolve the fact that the Parliament on holiday, so it was better for the government to wait until the end of leave of the House of Representatives. "
For his part, counting the Iraqi List MP Qusay Abadi measures taken against the president of the Central Bank Sinan Shabibi intervention in the context of targeting political, Ebadi said told all of Iraq that "there is targeted by the government, and the replacement of Central Bank president, is the prerogative of the House of Representatives, and if There was a change and replace it will be before Parliament, but all indications are that the change would be by the central government. " He added that "these accusations Hbibi premature, the fact that the topic has not yet been decided, as you call someone to Idel he is accused or criminals." He added that "this whirlwind premature and await the arrival of Shabibi to appear before the court or in front of the investigating body, so as to identify the facts," adding that he "trusts absolute confidence Bcbibi, but did not believe he was involved issues of corruption."
While confirmed a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee that the irregularities relating to the management of the central bank did not include files of financial and administrative corruption. Said committee member Najiba Najib, told all of Iraq that "the files relating to the management of the Central Bank does not include corrupted files, but irregularities disciplinary concerning the work of the bank on the exchange rate and financial transactions, so the House of Representatives to take a strong stance and firm towards the suffering of the Bank of political pressure to it prejudicial to the country's sovereignty and national economy, and that the action taken against the province dropped the bank's reputation and confidence in the markets and global financial institutions, even if he has to address the problem. " It added that "the central bank has a reserve of cash estimated $ 63 billion, and the money in light of a push by some of the parties that are trying to dominate and control the resources of the state and make it party, however, and a specific destination, is raising doubts and must stand with him." She Najib surprise "of stirring file corruption in the Central Bank, and that we were to Anicol as devoid of suspicions of corruption, but restrict them in this important institution without other institutions in the executive branch, which is witnessing a lot of operations financial and administrative corruption, is only targeting a clear stand behind certain purposes intended to control and acquisition of state institutions. "

Crisis will be reflected on the reputation of Iraq

In a related context, the Liberal bloc called the Sadrist movement to form a parliamentary investigative committee to determine the validity of the involvement of the central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi files of financial and administrative corruption. The spokesman said the block bright Naji told all of Iraq that "the decision to accelerate commissioned Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit Basset Turki Department of the Central Bank of Iraq to succeed Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi will reflect on Iraq's international reputation." He added that "the central bank independent body linked to parliament and therefore there must be knowledge of the House of Representatives, as well as the credibility of all the evidence put forward in Parliament so it must have the final say in Parliament." The Naji "There should be a well-behaved as the central bank has implications at the World Bank and the Iraqi market and therefore should not escalate situations," noting "it was better to be there figures professional has an international reputation in the bank can even maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and stability dealings and confidence in the trade, "he said.
He warned a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Aziz Ugaili, Wednesday, of the existence of "intent" of the Government to acquire the independent bodies and make them subordinate to it, Aziz said Ugaili for "Alsumaria News", "there is a deliberate intention to acquire independent bodies by the government, in order to that those bodies are not independent, "noting that he expected" the charges against the central bank a long time ago, especially after the accusations made against other independent bodies Kalnsahh and the Electoral Commission. " He Ugaili, a deputy from the mass citizen that "the Integrity Commission did not participate in the ongoing investigations against Central Bank President and Vice President," stressing that "the Commission, which was formed in this regard was chaired by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail and office of the Chairman of the Finance Committee Haider Abadi, a member of the Committee Haitham al-Jubouri , two of the same mass as well as a representative from the Office of Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission. " Ugaili added that "the Commission has found corrupt, but true that we do not know its nature," adding that "the investigation is still going on, did not prove corruption at the head of the central bank so far, which is condemnable." He Ugaili hope that "not be the case as a matter of the Independent Electoral Commission, which has accused Commission President and proved court his innocence," stressing that "it should have been investigated a secret in this case to preserve the currency and our reputation and the value of the Iraqi dinar, but the media hype is true."
In contrast, the MP from the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi, the advocates of the central bank are politicians Mentfon of Mzhadath and financiers "of terrorism," said Saadi "Alsumaria News", "who are defending what is happening in the CBI are three categories" , noting that "First are the owners of the banks who are working under political and interfaces and the second category by some politicians and MPs who enter auctions bank interfaces and reaping millions of dollars." Saadi added that "the third category are those who finance terrorism," adding that "part of the bank's money to go to Beirut, Amman and Dubai," he says. The Saadi, a member of the Integrity Committee that "for the office of Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, but accused some politicians who have been greatly affected by stop operations corruption in the Central Bank." Saadi denied that "The Commission shall be set up by the President of the House of Representatives has captured a coalition of state law," he said, adding that it "includes expensive political blocs