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Economists denounce the dismissal Shabibi

 Baghdad / Ahmed Abed Rabbo
condemned economists dismiss Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi against the backdrop of charges did not pass through the judiciary, noting that it will overshadow negatively on the reputation of the country in front of the World Bank and international companies because their timing coincided with representation Shabibi for his country in conferences Bank in Tokyo .
they said in their conversations to the extent that these accusations are not confirmed within political conflicts circuit taking place in the country since the period despite the fact that Shabibi personal professional and a far cry from the conflicts.
mentions that Sinan Shaibi took office central bank governor since 2003 has achievements mission At the monetary level.
criticized economic expert Majid picture dismissal Shabibi against the backdrop of an arrest warrant issued against him the fact that the latter figure, fair and professional and far from corruption.
said Suri's (range) that the central bank carried out its duties basic through cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the bodies responsible other with respect reduce Iraq's foreign debt in addition to his work on a cover huge local currency and increase confidence and stability to for quite some time explaining that under the difficult circumstances that have passed on Iraq since 2003 there is no institution or sector free of foot-dragging.
added picture: Despite the successes incurred by the bank on the monetary level, but certainly there are failures of certain particularly in relation to the control of the work of banks, adding that the report BSA between the existence of violations involving some of the workers at the central bank and the latter expressed his willingness to fight corruption, adding that the media frenzy that got exaggerated to farthest extent.
continued picture: that the accusations, investigations and suspicions alone does not mean the crime and can be a tool offensive to the country's reputation.
his part, said economic expert as Abdul Hadi's (range) that this dismissal came against the backdrop accusations made ​​against by members of parliament to Central Bank because of his policies and in particular in the auction currency and there charges for some officials at the central bank involvement process corruption or laundering of foreign currency abroad and there is a committee formed by the Parliament and the Commission issued its report and were reluctant to reveal details of the report, adding that the matter is not resolved resolved by the judicial For removal of the governor there are a lot of notes on them. For his part, Vice Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (range) that monetary policy in Iraq was born in exceptional circumstances where liberalized financial sector from all restrictions, indicating that the funds that enter the country are not commensurate with the extrabudgetary funds it is the latest case of conflict of interests, he said.
Saleh added: that money laundering does not mean conversion processes financial standard concerning ownership of individuals, explaining that they fall within the framework of crimes and thefts.
so criticized by the Finance Committee Hassan or time-Bayati, the Commission's decision investigative problem breaches the central bank issued an arrest warrant on the Governor of the Bank because it is not the prerogative of the work, but the competence of the judiciary, calling to reconsider its decision to preserve the reputation of the national economy to the States.
Bayati said in a press statement that the functions of the Commission investigative parliamentary problem is to check for Action central bank auction and how to make the buying and selling of foreign currency in the event prove the existence of violations and corruption is assumed by the Commission to report to the Integrity Commission or the Council of the Iraqi judiciary to prove it, The Cabinet instructed Prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki assume management position central bank governor Agency. A number of media sources oversight that the Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant for bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi corruption charges, pointing out that the latter fled abroad after the issuance of the note, with the bank denied the news, saying that the governor is currently involved in an annual conference in Tokyo He will return to Baghdad.
and was a member of the investigative about the work of the Central Bank of Haitham al-Jubouri confirmed, in (14 October 2012), the issuance of arrest warrants and travel ban against Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and officials at the bank, and is regarded as the survival of the conservative abroad will prove corruption charges .
and demanded the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the first on Monday (15 October 2012), indictees central bank governor providing evidence, while some expressed fear that the accusations were "targeted politically" for the bank.
Central Bank announced in January 2012, that the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the Iraqi market, in addition to higher sales of hard currency back to finance trade neighboring countries by Iraqi traders, noting that sales of hard currency during the beginning of this year amounted to double what was sold during 2011 .
and committed the CBI in February 2012 All Iraqi banks participating in the auction the bank to buy and sell foreign currency must disclose its customers as a condition of access to foreign currency.
For the law against money laundering Iraqi in 2004, put control procedures due to institutions, especially banking, including, as required Lists of the Security Council Committee No. 1267 of the law against money laundering which stipulates the Iraqi Central Bank left and providing financial institutions a list of individuals and institutions that have on financial institutions to report to the body concerned for the Iraqi government for its dealings when they are discovered.
noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank hold daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with the participation of Iraqi banks, with the exception of public holidays which depend on these auctions, and sales can be either in cash, or in the form of remittances sold abroad for a commission certain.