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Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Greenwich Mean Time: 10:48
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Appointment of Abdul Basit Turki conservative central bank temporarily
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Governor of the Central Bank of the suspended Shabibi

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SMT Iraqi government Tuesday Prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki conservative temporarily to the Central Bank, to replace the current governor Sinan Shabibi the suspended by order of the judiciary against the backdrop of the low rate of the dinar months ago. said media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi told the French press that the Council Ministers voted to assign a Turkish Central Bank until further notice. comes this procedure at a time proclaimed the Commission on Public Integrity, which anti-corruption investigation in cases involving the Central Bank, including a number of staff, including bank governor and his deputy. Meanwhile, the president of the Commission Parliamentary Integrity Bahaa al-Araji, said in an interview for "Iraq and the world" method of investigation, and pointed to the need for an administrative investigation, adding that thirty arrest warrant issued against the defendants include bank governor and his deputy, which could cause a crisis, he said. expressed Araji expressed confidence in the judiciary Iraqi and reached his decisions, calling the investigations will be professional. noteworthy that the Federal Supreme Court issued in January 18, 2011 decision linking the Central Bank of the Cabinet, citing what it described as the predominance of such executive of the bank and its activities. warned central bank governor after issuance of that decision the risk of the application of the Federal Supreme Court because it will lose Iraq the responsibility to protect its funds abroad, he said. Meanwhile, denied the Iraqi National Congress that President Ahmed Chalabi member of the Commission of Inquiry in central bank sales, headed by First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay Suhail. According to a statement of the National Conference Tuesday, that some media published two days before the news that Chalabi was a member of the Committee on the investigation of sales CBI dollar. statement added that Chalabi denies categorically that he was a member of this committee, also denies knowing Advance including the decisions taken.