Iraqi List: Maliki unique power
05:47:16 / 10/2012

Khandan - confirmed the Iraqi List, the current political reality gives clear indications about the uniqueness of the federal Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to power.

The MP said the Iraqi Ibrahim al-Mutlaq's "Khandan": "The political process is built on the basis of democracy is supposed to be going in this direction, but the current reality and delay the implementation of the Erbil gives indications that there unique power by al-Maliki, adding that the lack of implementation of the Convention on Arbil particularly with regard to nominate candidates for security ministries (interior, defense) caused the implications of its obvious impact on the security situation of the country.

Mutlaq added: call the National Alliance for seeking to end these outstanding issues and give a clear signal to other blocks that all government decision-making and participation of everyone and not one hand and hand.