Sabah al-Saadi: Maliki mislead people there and imported foreign conspiracies "Scrap" Czech

16.10.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) -

Baghdad (news) attacked independent MP Sabah al-Saadi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and accused him of importing "Scrap" Czech Iraq. Saadi said at a press conference in the parliament building and attended the Agency (news) on Tuesday: The current government practiced follies Kalhamaqat which was exercised by the system Previous, but in another way through spending money on projects and fake did not touch the citizen anything, noting that the former regime was smuggled money, but the current system is wasting money, because of corruption. added: that the government has spent the past two years (215) one billion dollars, without the benefit of them, AVI to infrastructure projects, and economic projects, and projects in which they can improve citizen of Iraq. explained: that the import of Maliki weapons of Czech is necessary, but it should be the weapons of modern style and good, not Xcrap " SAA "aggregated in the southern city of Basra. said: that al-Maliki wants to mislead the people the existence of foreign conspiracies hatched against Iraq, told al-Maliki if you are afraid, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, why send envoys to it in order to open the door of a new relationship with them.

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