BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, Majeda al-Tamimi, of Ahrar bloc expected passing the laws of infrastructure and the general pardon in the coming session of the House of Representatives on Monday.

Tamimi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "There are signs from some political leaders to pass these laws and other laws in one basket."

She added: "The agenda of the House of Representatives for tomorrow includes all drafts of broken laws, especially the infrastructure law and the general amnesty law as well as the Federal Court and telecommunications and informatics," pointing out " putting all these laws in a single session means a prior agreement among the leaders of the political blocs to pass them in a one sessions."

She said: "All Iraqi National Alliance parties agreed to vote on the law of infrastructure if put to the vote alone," noting that "the Kurdistan coalition and Iraqiya have a political reservations stop them from voting for the bill, because they believe that this law would be considered for the National Alliance in general and state of law special."

The vote on the drafts of the infrastructure and general amnesty law has been postponed more than once to a lack of quorum in the House of Representatives because of the withdrawal of some of the blocs and not reaching a political consensus on them.