Parliamentary blocs moving towards consensus on one of the drafts presented to the draft law of oil and gas, and in this regard expressed Kurdistan Alliance MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim hope Amakaneh to reach an agreement on one of the versions shown

He pointed out that post and oil ministers in the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government catalyst in overcoming obstacles. Said that "there Committee quintet of a political nature, including oil minister in the central government and the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region," adding that "their presence is an important factor in the meetings held will also help in overcoming the many obstacles in terms of the dimensions of estrangement and thaw even continued meetings will be legislation by law or agreement on one of the drafts before. "and pointed out the importance" of the oil and gas because it regulates the work of the oil sector, which constitutes more than 95% of Iraq's imports , "noting that" each block her views and suggestions and we have to be there intersections at some stations. "It is noted that a committee was formed quintet in the House of Representatives for the purpose of studying oil and gas projects and the fittest and the most favorable to the parliamentary committee for study and follow-up.