Twilight News / demanded that the Iraqi List, Sunday, accountability "spoilers" in the central bank without prejudice to the reputation of Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, criticized attempts by political forces (unnamed) the independence of the bank and Iraqi and international laws.

The spokeswoman said the Iraqi List, Maysoon al in a statement received "Twilight News" copy of "independence of the central bank needed to keep the dinar exchange rate and protect the currency and prevent inflation, particularly that Iraq over the bitter experience in the nineties of the last century when collapsed currency between overnight because of policies reckless of the former regime. "

Damluji blamed "the government responsible for the investigation of money laundering and disclosure of the beneficiary to the public, and the announcement of the party that you are buying the dollar and withdrawn from Iraq's financial markets."

Damluji demanded "the need to punish the corrupt, both at the central bank or any institution or ministry, without prejudice to the reputation of the Iraqi Central Bank governor Sinan Shabibi known at the international level for his national courage, competence and integrity."

The Parliamentary Finance Committee, had demanded earlier direct intervention of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to stop the "bleeding hard currency and money laundering in the auctions CBI", warning of a "serious information for significant violations got and get a day at the central bank."

The central bank held daily sessions of currency auction except Fridays and public holidays, and the participation of a group of Iraqi banks, within which the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and the central bank process currency converter sold abroad, for some companies and citizens for a commission certain.

The Central Bank of Iraq group of specialized committees to combat money laundering, and money, crime and the financing of terrorism, and it was the anti-money laundering law the 2004 Iraqi situation due process of regulatory institutions, especially banking.