ns on infrastructure law

Saturday, October 13 1 / Okrudolf 2012 15:20

[Baghdad - where]
Kurdistan Alliance said he had notes on infrastructure law, and must Aanzer it as a bargaining chip, noting that this law has not yet reached final maturity.
A spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance pro-Tayeb, told all of Iraq [where] today, "The postponement of the law to the next parliamentary stage depends on a coalition of state law themselves, because they are the owners of this project."
He explained that "so far there is no agreement between the political blocs on the legislation, because they all have a Notes and the conditions around him.
The House of Representatives was not included within the agenda Saturday infrastructure bill.
The most political blocs submitted its observations on the law of infrastructure, has been discussed within the National Alliance, while stipulated Kurdistan Alliance bloc to be the region's share of the money this law 17 percent, which sparked controversy and rejection by the forces within the alliance, especially since the claim included that the ratio of the total funds, provided the non-participation of sovereign territory projects, such as ports, airports and others. ended 2