Baghdad (news) .. According to former MP Rashid al-Azzawi, that the current crisis is the crisis of "contrived," and urged the political blocs to stay away from the media in order to pass a law infrastructure and the use of elimination to finalize a general amnesty law for passage.
said Azzawi in a statement ( Agency news): The differences between the political blocs contrived, and when asked everyone about the differences do not know anything are different, demanding political blocs to leave the differences because they do not come well for themselves and for their country.

added: that the political blocs different laws can passing easily if there real intention, explaining that the law infrastructure must be presented blocs objecting their view this law because the country needs to services and there are companies that will "pay term" so the political blocs to sit away from the media because the escalation media is held to pass this law.

The regarding the general amnesty law demanded Azzawi: elimination to investigate all cases and directed the innocent in prison to be able to isolate the major crimes for small and then re-drafting the law to be of scrolled within the parliament because in its current form can not be passed.

was MP / coalition Iraqi / Walid Abboud Muhammadawi, will likely be postponed approval of a general amnesty and legal infrastructure to the next legislative term, noting that there were reasons to prevent Tmrerhma within the parliament.