Services Committee: the final image on the Law of the infrastructure was completed and fully updated technical matters
10/11/2012 12:33 am

Called for political blocs to show its position on the basis of national interest
BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab confirmed Services Committee Parliamentary that the final image of law infrastructure has been completed, and on the blocks to take position on the law towards the national interest, and away from the dictations and partisan intersection political. committee said «reassurances and requested proposals are mature and law ready for vote has been entered between political will and the will to pass the law within the required specifications». between Member Services Committee MP Ehsan Awadi said law infrastructure witnessed many of the discussions and was most recently at a meeting of the Presidency with the committees and the leaders of the committees. said Awadi In an interview for «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that technical matters are met in full and there is no there holding art ». added Awadi said «reassurances and requested proposals are mature and law ready for vote has been entered between political will and the will to pass the law within the required specifications», referring to «that The final image of the law has been completed and on the blocks to take position on the law towards the national interest and away from dictations and partisan intersection political ». continued Awadi said« law serves all provinces without exception, and to achieve a breakthrough in the field of services significantly », noting that» amendments main and fundamental conducted the law took into consideration all Amatrah in the House of fears » He Awadi expressed his belief that transclusions listed in the law dispelled fears blocs, including the issue contract with consulting firms global major duties ensure companies developed and follow-up projects of this law, as well as forcing the government not to give a guarantee oil or gas and this demands the President and also the formation of a committee headed by a deputy prime minister to be the central committee manages supervision and assignment of contracts to companies competent and the rest of technical matters and mechanisms of this law in addition to linking the law of running the Ministry of Finance to be the dominant on the corner of Iraq's debt. said Awadi to that «today will negotiations final regarding the law to study the proposals adopted by the Kurdistan Alliance, saying« that the law is at a crossroads and seen from the technical aspects will see patchy faceted but political outlook may vary », expressing his conviction that« National Alliance convinced entirely law and OK all formations on approval «. was House Speaker Osama Najafi has called the heads of committees (services and reconstruction, financial, economic and investment) to hold meetings to reach a formula agreement on the Law of the infrastructure and service sectors and display the law to vote at a meeting Thursday ». part , a member of the Economic Committee MP Abdul-Abbas Xiaa that the law is now subject to a vote in Parliament Square, adding that «transclusions demanded by the political blocs have matured within the law and most of them were objectively and logically, leaving nothing but vote. He Xiaa in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that the law now entered in into the tunnel political in addition to some blocks demanding issues incapacitating and whenever applications have applied other », wondering« When aware of the political blocs that this law is in the interest of the Iraqi people? ». demanded Xiaa political blocs that overcome the interests of citizens on partisan interests, especially after the implementation of all notes and considered all the requests». concluded Xiaa to say »that the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance still object to the law was passed, for reasons we do not know and despite include all observations continue to be under there obstacles political ». For his part, MP Mohammad Chihod that the National Alliance Egypt on the passing of the bill calling on all political blocs to look into the wisdom of giving priority to the interests of Iraq on partisan and personal interests. expressed Chihod in an interview »Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network. Lamented that some political blocs used to put obstacles in front of laws with the aim of creating political crises «continued Chihod« I do not think that the political blocs that are used to create crises that can change the positions of enactment of this Act.