Scheduling the vote on the laws broken .. The most prominent concerns of today's papers

10/10/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) -

Baghdad (news) papers interested required dates pass laws broken, including infrastructure and general amnesty, it says in the newspaper the morning semi-official theme entitled "presidential parliamentary: tomorrow vote on the law structures .. and Saturday and Monday passed legislation amnesty and the Federal Court and the Judicial Council," which stated: He At a "unique" House of Representatives approved on Tuesday ten laws and a decision to enact the proposed law the Federation Council, at the time announced his identification on Thursday deadline to vote on the law of infrastructure and service sectors and on Saturday and Monday to pass the amnesty laws and the Federal Court. and newspaper reported Constitution story entitled to the quad on a paragraph-terrorism draft amnesty .. and proposals for infrastructure - Parliament gives judicial investigators half a million dinars allocations cut monthly that after that postponed the vote on the draft law of amnesty and vote on the draft infrastructure to session next Saturday, at the time was an agreement a political vote on the law of the Federal Court next Monday, at the time the form of the House of Representatives Committee quad to reconsider the paragraph (terrorism) within the project general amnesty law. source said the Constitution: The decision of the decisions that were agreed upon at the meeting, the formation of a quadripartite committee of the blocks (National and Iraqi Kurdistan, and independents) to reconsider the paragraph (terrorism) rose in the draft amnesty law. added: that the committee would consider paragraph terrorism extensively to ensure that the coverage of the hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis amnesty law. . in the context of relevant Mohamed Khalidi decision the House of Representatives: the heads of blocs agreed to add proposals blocks on the Law of the infrastructure and a vote. . said Khalidi: The heads of parliamentary blocs agreed at a meeting held in the parliament building under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi to work committee previously headed by MP Riad Ghraib to add proposals submitted by the political blocs on the law infrastructure. added: that the heads of blocs adhere to the completion of add proposals to the law for a vote during the parliamentary session to be held next Thursday. Meanwhile revealed the Legal Committee Parliamentary about the House vote on the proposal submitted by the Committee to grant judicial investigators (500) thousand dinars allocations cut each employee has a title investigator judicial, in addition to the provisions for 75% of nominal salary. pointed Chairman of the Legal Parliamentary out that this step for the first time you get in the history of the judiciary Top offer 5% to judicial investigators annually to those who have completed ten years of service.

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