World Bank grants Iraq $ 900 million

10.10.2012 12:00 AM
Baghdad morning
announced the World Bank near launch program "strategic national partnership with Iraq" which will finance various projects worth a total of around 900 million, and aims to strengthen the rules of government institutions to improve their ability to manage financial resources, and strengthening and diversifying the economy and sustainable development, as well as reviving and the development of basic services and social protection network. "
She drew represented the World Bank in Baghdad Maria Helen, through extensive dialogue that was conducted with the (morning), that the World Bank decided to set up the strategy for the conviction full recovery Iraq and out of the crises encountered during the past years. With criticized Helen economic laws in Iraq, which said it was "frustrating and unattractive for investment", called on the government to "undo" a little bit and make way for the private sector, to take its role and achieve growth rates being able to contribute to the development and construction of the country.
confirmed that all financial allocations established by the State to eliminate unemployment, will not achieve its goals without reviving the private sector, which said that he could absorb the unemployed and rates equivalent ratios operating government.
On the other hand, revealed Helen for initiating the World Bank to establish a court economical in Basra, aimed at resolving conflicts that exist between companies private investment, domestic or foreign, and between government agencies.
hinted Helen that the bank strives to fund projects that could contribute to reviving the national economy fully in Iraq, particularly agricultural and industrial projects and irrigation projects, as well as his efforts in the development of some other services كالمجاري and water and the fight against unemployment, poverty and the fight against illiteracy.
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