Talabani affirms to Dawa Party's delegation necessity for cooperation among all to safeguard the country from current political crisis

Baghdad (NINA) President Jalal Talabani affirmed the necessity for all to cooperate toward safeguarding the country from current political crisis.

A statement issued on Tuesday, Oct. 9, by the President's Office quoted Talabani during his meeting with a delegation from Dawa Party, pointing out to his meetings and consultations in recent days with political forces, aimed toward removing obstacles hindering national harmony and genuine partnership.

Talabani stressed that supreme national interests and changes the area is witnessing require from all to to be endowed with patriotism and stay away from factional interests.

The statement added that Talabani listened to the delegation's briefing on the Dawa Party's outlook and points of view of current problems and means to solve them. It expressed the Party's readiness to participate in the ongoing dialogues and consultations aimed to reach national understanding between political blocs.

The Dawa Party's delegation consisted of Hayder al-Abadi, Walid al-Hilli, Sadiq al-Rikabi and Sheikh Amir al-Kufaishi. / End.