Talabani stresses during a meeting with the ambassadors of the European Union (EU) Iraq's keenness on the principle of the development of cooperation with everyone

Received by President Jalal Talabani in the Peace Palace in Baghdad today ambassadors and representatives of the European Union countries and Iraq Sfirtrkiya.

The presidential statement "that Talabani thanked the ambassadors on their feelings that crossed through their happiness to meet him after his recovery and his return, adding that Talabani spoke about the Iraqi relations with the countries of the Pacific and the world, and stressed the start of Iraq in the overall foreign policy of the principle of the development of cooperation with everyone and respect for nations and their options and not interference in its affairs and enhance the prospects for peace between peoples.

As audience listened during the meeting to explain by President Talabani for the overall contacts and meetings with the various Iraqi parties to reach effective solutions serve the political process of democracy taking place in the country and the evolution of its tracks different, pointing out that the Iraqis who disagree with some of them in politics are able also to understanding and ending disputes brotherly spirit open and tolerant and cooperative in order to build the country and serve the people.

For their part ambassadors stressed "the importance of the central role of President Talabani, both in promoting and developing Iraq's relations with the international system or its vital contribution to the consolidation of the political process in Iraq and overcome problems encountered.