U.S. official warned Baghdad: military cooperation with Iran Sabakakm under Chapter VII

Twilight News / source revealed an Iraqi diplomat, on Monday, that Washington had warned Iraq of any military cooperation with Iran, stressing that the U.S. official, who warned Iraq, asked Baghdad to maintain the steps taken to integrate Iraq into the international community and being in contrast to lift all sanctions imposed it.
The source said in an interview with "Twilight News", that "one high-ranking U.S. officials telephoned and said that military cooperation with Iran against the wishes of the international community will make Iraq wasted opportunity leaving under Chapter VII and international sanctions."
The source added that "the U.S. official request from the Iraqi official take caution and maintain the steps that have been taken to integrate Iraq into the international community and the lifting of all international sanctions imposed on it."
The source, who did not mention the name of the Iraqi official who had contact to the sensitivity of the information, "the Iraqi official said the military cooperation with Iran is concentrated border protection and the elimination of terrorism in the region and does not include any provision for armament."
It is said that talk about Iran's support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iraq's relationship with it is one of the most prominent issues that raise the sensitivity of the relationship between Iraq and the United States.
And Senior U.S. officials have accused in the past month, Iran it resumed shipment of military equipment to Syria through Iraqi airspace, while the Iraqi government demanded Washington provide proof.
Iraq and cased the first Iranian plane bound for Syria on the third of this month and allowed to travel to Syria after he did not find the weapons.