The advisers discussed the implementation of the economic reform strategy and activating the role of the private sector
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Baghdad / Orr News

Supervisory Committee held for the Special Operations Unit of the economic reform meeting in Mqrhiih advisers to the prime minister , to discuss the mechanisms of implementation of the economic reform strategy and improve performance in government institutions and activating the role of the private sector,

And that the presence assist the Special Representative of the United Nations in Iraq and representative United Nations Development Programme, as well as representatives of relevant ministries and representatives province Christan and international partners from the United Nations and the World Bank and the U.S. Agency for International Development, and representatives of the private sector, and a number of experts and advisers in the body, while Regional Office UN in Amman to meet via closed-circuit television.

And Prime advisory board Thamer Abbas Ghadban who chaired the meeting on the importance of moving in the implementation of the program and thanked the international partners and representatives of the ministries concerned government and the private sector on what they have done, praising the presence of representatives of the Kurdistan region in the meeting called to continue to attend meetings and to work together with teams working in this program.

Said Ghadhban: that Iraq through its strategy reformist new will be a place to attract business and investment, and to provide jobs for the unemployed, and support women's projects and enable them to take real role in society. Alluding to the need to speed up the legislation and implementation of laws relating to the process of economic transformation, and support small and medium enterprises , and also the case in the Kurdistan region.

And student representatives of the private sector that there should be a reference O'haiih to the private sector within the project of economic reform, from a source close to the decision, take it upon themselves ways to act as this sector in order to perform its role in partnership with the public sector and contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy.

The Iraqi government has allocated (100) billion Iraqi dinars from the budget to support state-owned enterprises in order to convert them from losing companies, more capacity and scalability to achieve profits.