Soon .. complete a five-year national development plan


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry announced planning for near completion National Development Plan Five, asserting that Iraq policy is based on providing the economic factor on all other factors
and said the Iraqi Planning Ministry said in a statement, received / JD / copy of it: "The Minister of Planning and Cooperation Development Ali Shukri discussed with the Swedish ambassador in Baghdad Jürgen Ndstrm prospects of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economic and development. "
said Shukri during the meeting: "The ministry will end soon accomplish National Development Plan Five 2013-2017, which will be raised and clear on the reality of development in Iraq" .
and Shukri "Iraq policy the new is based on providing the economic factor on all other factors, because wars experienced by the country requires us a lot of efforts to recycle the wheel of development properly."
and noted that "Iraq needs to strengthen its relations with the European countries, including Sweden for several reasons, including that Sweden represents energy major economic can support our efforts in the construction, as well as being an influential country among all European countries and this supports the Iraqi government's efforts to open the doors of investment in front of Swedish companies to work in Iraq. "
the ministry said in a statement that the meeting witnessed also demand from the Swedish side to increase the number of missions of scientific subjects to Sweden, as well as increase the size of the cultural exchange between the two countries.
Meanwhile showed Swedish ambassador his country's desire for closer cooperation economic, scientific and cultural cooperation with Iraq.
"The significant developments in Iraq during the past years, Civil society organizations have achieved active presence in the Iraqi scene in all its details, and that Iraq has the expertise and human resources and economic Alamkanath, what it takes to become the important economic partner for Sweden ". / end / 22