Sunday 7 October 2012
Allawi set five conditions for approval of payment on credit law

Follow-up - and babysit -
Select the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi five conditions to the approval of the list on the payment on credit law.

Alawi said in a press statement that "the first of these conditions is that the implementation of the law under the supervision of the parliament, and secondly must provide transparency and oversight, and thirdly that there should be clarified to prioritize projects, and IV adopt control of the Integrity Commission, and V. The final decision is subject to the House of Representatives."

And cause a bill payment on credit across the House of Representatives its usual, which was scheduled for Monday to Tuesday of this week, to a lack of quorum to be held, due to the inclusion of the law in the agenda of the meeting for a vote, and that has raised objection Kurdistan Alliance bloc and the Iraqi List, and not to enter into the Hall of Parliament, which inhibits the quorum of the meeting, in protest against the non-inclusion of observations of the two blocs on the bill.

The MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh announced rejected his coalition to demand the Kurdistan Alliance to give Kurdistan region's share 17% of bill payment on credit, with confirmed MP for التحاف Kurdistan Vian outsider, that a coalition of state law and agreed to the terms of Kurdistan on the law payment on credit.