Source: banking offices pumping quantities at a lower price than the official to destabilize the market .. Dollar blown speculation Turkey and Qatar

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Author: the future of Iraq

10/08/2012 12:00 am

The future of Iraq / special
senior political source said that Turkey and Qatar Taatlaaban Iraqi currency through pumping dollars in the Iraqi market through the offices of banking, pointing out that these offices are pumping dollars in the market and then you drag leads to instability of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.
explained source, who preferred anonymity for "Future of Iraq" that "banking offices inject the amount of the dollar at a rate 117 thousand dinars pays a price decline in the dollar beneficiaries of the rumor factor in the Iraqi market," he said, adding that they are after so buying "the largest amount of dollar at the same price and thus higher prices because demand for the dollar. " The source pointed out that "the dollar fluctuated between levels of exchange rates of 117 - 127 thousand dinars per hundred dollars," noting that "financial mismanagement and cash and the absence of security of financial transactions and transfers and money laundering open the Iraqi market to loot looters."