News reports : the three presidencies will meet soon
Masum: President Talabani began to develop guidelines for the national meeting
Union: The President of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in Parliament, Dr. Fuad Masum, develop guidelines by President Jalal Talabani, a prelude to the national meeting, after he met with all political parties and listen to their views.

Masum said for (news) on Sunday, "The last day with meetings the president was House Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, the previous head of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki," he continued, "Maliki said on the constitution and a commitment to its terms, and Allawi pointed to implement the remainder of the Erbil and security ministries and the law of the Federal Court and balance the national "The infallible" President Talabani will try as much as possible the convergence of views between all parties, although I think that his mission is exposed "to fail, but we want it to succeed because failure leads to crisis dark and not necessary passing only."
While announced the decision of the House of Representatives MP for the Iraqi coalition, Mohammed al-Khalidi, a meeting of presidencies (the Republic, ministers, members of parliament) in the coming days to discuss the findings of the political blocs to sit at the same table to resolve the political problems. Said Khalidi's (news) on Sunday, "There is a meeting of the heads of the three Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament Osama al-Nujaifi, during the next few days, and specifically after the return of Prime Minister to visit Russia" and "The meeting will deal with political problems and reached the blocks around to sit at the dialogue table one, "noting that" the meeting will address the need to pass laws stalled in the House of Representatives, "Khalidi explained that" the date of the meeting between the three presidencies not yet been determined until now, but there is agreement on his contract in Aalmqublh days. "
Moreover, he stressed adviser Iraqi List, Hani Ashour, the head of his list of Iyad Allawi on a fixed position in that includes any reform project implementation of the Erbil and are not converted any step to meet the national to try to kill the obituary of the Erbil, explaining that Allawi did not get to have a conviction So far, that there is a legitimate reformer real serves partnership and achieve the demands of Iraqis, including millions of voters Iraqi List "Ashour said in a statement," The name of the security ministries and achieve partnership benefits should be implemented, but the reform comes from the reform of the judicial system and the constitutional amendment and the fight against corruption and to stop arbitrary arrests , and that without it will not be for reform meaningless and the National Conference benefit remember "Ashour said," The position of the Iraqi is that they think it will not be achieved National Congress with the lack of atmosphere of trust, or under the imposition of the will-one view only, and that reform is a popular demand before being try block or party to gain time and maneuver on the rights of the masses, "said Ashour," said the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, had confirmed and repeated during the last period that the reform approach, not a deal, and the principle before being maneuver, and that Iraq without reform goes into a dark corner amid turmoil regional "He said Ashour" that Allawi first called for reform and partnership when he agreed to the Convention on Arbil to go all in one ship to build the country, and what in Iraq was today given a clear security and services indicates weakness principle of partnership and the failure to provide an atmosphere of trust. "
For his part, Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman political situation in the country to "negative too," in the absence of the agreement and consolidation of positions between the political blocs, and "certainly should not continue on like this, which is, however, leaders of the blocks, if they change it through agreement and resolving outstanding issues and problems between them. " Osman said that "some problems today permeate sectarian matters, and other political, so the situation today in Iraq is difficult, and to get out of it depends on the agreement of the blocks themselves."
In a related context, MP Abdalkhdhar Taher, the current crisis as "the most dangerous" politically over the last ten years of democratic experience in the country, said Taher's (news) yesterday, "The response to the crisis would be surprising for all, where will arise eventually layers of the Iraqi people downtrodden of the unemployed and the poor and will appear arenas editing and not square one, in addition to the real work being done by national figures now to save the country from the pleasantries and sessions sharing chairs and positions "and expressed Taher believes that the coming months will change a lot and will not remain the case as it is and this alarm bell for the rulers of the convicts he said, "The frenzy will quickly fall from power and re-arrange the papers again."
On the other hand, explained MP for the coalition of state law just Faddaalah Maliki, that's still not clear to solutions political problems, said Maliki's (news) on Sunday, "The quotas between the blocks are caused imbalance in the political process and reached the situation to what it is" He added, "that until now the picture is clear solutions to the crisis and agreed to hold a national meeting," adding that the coming days will yield to reach a tentative agreement to develop problem-solving mechanisms. He pointed out that unless political leaders are quick to move away from self-interest and to look at the interests of the Supreme People's, the problems of them will increase.
For his part, MP for the mass patriots Abdul Rahman Alloizi, that the current meetings and meetings held by a radical solution to the problems, but will produce solutions prosthesis to alleviate the crisis and differences between the political blocs. Said Alloizi's (news) on Sunday, "there will not be a radical solution to outstanding problems and stage since the previous parliamentary session as an application of Article (140) or approve oil and gas law, and meetings and events being held will solutions prosthesis, and this is something useful to order a truce between the blocs," noting that in the event a national meeting was held, it will not solve all the problems. And explained Alloizi "to change the political map in the upcoming parliamentary elections will solve the problems between the political blocs, and either under this map can not be solved