Central bank: project structuring currency and delete the zeros of vital importance large
Date: Sunday 07/10/2012 04:49 pm

Baghdad / WAP /
confirmed the Central Bank of Iraq, said the draft restructuring of the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros which is of great importance and vitality of the country and its economy.

A statement by the Central Bank of Iraq received news agency Baghdad International / WAP / copy on Sunday,
"We read the rumors of news refers to postpone the implementation of the project restructure the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros of them," adding that "at a time when stress that this project of vital importance to our country, our economy and society, the requirements of coordination and cooperation between us and the legislative and executive branches led to modify the timing of the start of implementation. "
He added that "despite the central bank completed the bulk of the procedures, the development of new currency in circulation at the completion printed, must be the beginning of the year (any year) during which no".