Talabani meets with a delegation from the Iraqi and emphasizes the importance of providing the interest of the country thinking all considerations

BAGHDAD - babysit -President Jalal Talabani importance of thinking to provide the interest of the country on all other interests and considerations.The presidential statement received news agency public opinion a copy of it on Sunday, "Talabani and during a meeting this morning and a delegation from the coalition the Iraqi List headed by the Minister of Science and Technology Abdul Karim al-Samarrai, accompanied by a number of Congress list stressed the importance of thinking and acting Spirit Iraqi exclusive and the need to provide the country's interests and stability and social peace and prosperity of all Iraqis, above all other considerations and trends. "The statement noted that "Talabani stressed the importance of the dialogues and meetings based on brotherly frankness and constructive cooperation."He added, "During the meeting, they exchanged views about all issues and ways to create a suitable ground to create an atmosphere of fraternal understanding and activating the performance of the government and state institutions and upgrading them."And "it was also addressed to the activities and performance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which provides important scientific services, and President Talabani signed the law ministry."Talabani and discussed the situation in the country Iraqi delegation public and political affairs, and President reviewed the content of his meetings with the leaders of political parties and blocs with a view to dismantling the current crisis and to intensify efforts to resolve outstanding problems.