Najafi and the central bank governor discuss the bank's policy and activities
07 October, 2012 10:57:00

Search House Speaker Osama Nujaifi during a meeting with Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi Bank's policy and his current activities.
He Nujaifi at the outset of the meeting that the findings of the Committee responsible for monitoring the work of the Central Bank and the author of the committees of Economy and Finance parliamentary and president of Supreme Audit, I have that there is suspicion of corruption in the sale of the dollar and the insider in addition to central bank's relationship with private banks and banking offices and remittances fake to imports of materials and commercial and industrial items with the lack of clarity auditing mechanisms in money laundering operations the central bank and private banks.
He Nujaifi, saying
"we have initiated an in-depth investigation on the policy and activities of the Central Bank since 2003 until now and I will follow my own investigation with the Integrity Commission the fact that this case involves the country's economic file next to the most dangerous and most importantly require not hide public opinion."