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Iraqi Kurdistan: attend the national meeting conditional on the implementation of the Convention on Arbil

Stipulated members of Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan include the Erbil to participate in the national meeting anticipated.
and so likely Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohsen al-Sadoun postponement of the national meeting during the next few because of the lack clarity of vision of a number of political blocs, likely presence of the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, to this meeting in the event provides reason for his success and implementation of the decisions of the Erbil.
pointed Sadoun said the conference is still so far in the process of meetings have failed to agree on a specific date for holding the conference, stressing that even delay for an indefinite period as needs further clarification, as far as his opinion.
hinted Sadoun , that the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Russia and Algik probably will postpone the conference for another term, as well as the need for political blocs to more meetings and meetings of the agreement on the agenda before the conference, he said.
confirmed Parliamentary Kurdish that the head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani will be among those present at the event and clarity visions and to agree on an agenda for this conference includes the implementation of the Erbil and reduce spacing and political commitment to the Constitution.
while new Iraqi MP Mohamed Khaldi requirement list to attend the national meeting that be the Erbil and its terms and the right of the Iraqi constitutional part of the conference program National, denying province of Iraq for meeting national and the Iraqi List, will attend the National Conference in the event included a paper reform of the Erbil and nine points for the meetings of Arbil and Najaf.
stressed that the list with resolving the current crisis and the advancement of the political process through the adoption of a constructive dialogue aimed at resolving the political crisis and respect for the judiciary and sovereignty, human rights and other issues.
called Khalidi to start practical steps to overcome political differences, pointing out that this will be done only through the adoption of the Constitution, as well as to start practical steps to put an outline would find acceptable solutions to the issues of contention between the political blocs.
said Alliance MP National Abdul Mahdi al-Khafaji, said his alliance with any positive steps to resolve the political crisis in accordance with the law and the Constitution.
Khafaji said that the National Alliance and all its components with any step provided other political blocs to resolve the crisis condition they are based on the Constitution and its articles.
and continued that the coming period will witness intensive dialogues undertaken by the President in order to reach the insights shared between the political blocs to ensure the success of the national meeting next year.
Over the past period which followed the return of the President from his trip therapeutic in Germany for meetings and meetings with his leaders of political blocs in order to crystallize united national position to ensure the success of the national meeting anticipated