Damluji: Maliki has the key to solving the crisis implemented Erbil agreement and the terms of the Arbil meeting - Najaf

Date: 10/05/2012 12:46:44 Friday

Baghdad (news) .. Spokesman / coalition in Iraq / MP Maysoon al, that President Jalal Talabani seeks to resolve the crisis through the provision of paper bearing the visions of all the blocks, asserting that Maliki has the key to solving the crisis by doing the Agreed.

The Damluji (of the Agency news): that President Talabani listened to proposals and visions all the political blocs on the crisis and how to solve them, through the application of what Agreed or through agreement on a number of issues, noting that some of the solutions political and other legislative. showed: that Talabani has been struggling and all political and diplomatic means and harmonic to solution to the crisis, despite the difficulty, and continued: Prime Minister has the keys to solving half the crisis, and it implement the Convention on Arbil, and the application of items agreed upon by the meeting (Arbil - Najaf), In the case of the implementation of the Arbil, will 80% of the crisis. not hide Damluji difficulty crisis and resolution, but stressed that the implementation of the Agreed can solve a big part, especially since all the blocks in agreement on the need to apply what Agreed at a meeting Larbi - Najaf or agreement of Arbil on which was formed the current government. This is consistent all the leaders of the blocks political commitment to the Constitution and previous agreements based on the success of the next national meeting. / end / 33. n. p /