National Alliance reveals a meeting between the blocs to resolve the final position of the Code of infrastructure

Friday, October 05, 1 / Okrudolf 2012 08:28 Twilight News / revealed mass virtue internalized in the National Alliance, Friday, convening a meeting between the parliamentary blocs next week to resolve the positions of the infrastructure bill, emphasizing the inclusion of all the blocks on the reviews mentioned law.
The head of the bloc Virtue parliamentary Ammar Tohme said in an interview for " Twilight News "that" there is a committee was formed to take notes parliamentary blocs on the bill infrastructure and included in it, "noting that" the Committee ended its work to include all the notes on that project. "
Tohme said that "next week will see a meeting of the parliamentary blocs to resolve the position of the bill law infrastructure", pointing to the existence of indicators of positive reaction from the blocks to approve the draft law. "
The House of Representatives may raise its meeting held at the beginning of the ninth month to him as a result of the withdrawal of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance of the meeting because of their refusal to approve infrastructure law.
The House of Representatives has hosted, in 15 of the last month, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, at the request of the latter to discuss infrastructure law, where the al-Maliki reviewed in front of the House of Representatives what can be achieved by private law and paragraph payment on credit in improving the fact the service in the country.
The House of Representatives decided, on 16 September last, to postpone the approval of the draft law infrastructure to further notice, at the request of the heads of the relevant committees to make a thorough study, as well as what can be achieved by economic feasibility.
The House of Representatives rejected the former Iraqi infrastructure bill tabled by the government at the time, and the law requires that grant investment companies large infrastructure projects worth $ 70 billion postpaid way when many industrial countries of the world, including a major financial crisis in.
But the bill new infrastructure requires the implementation of foreign companies, especially Korean infrastructure projects, such as schools, hospitals, water projects, in a way that payment on credit by $ 35 billion.
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