Maliki: the next government will be a government of political majority and we aspire to Russia's participation in rebuilding Iraq
05 October, 2012 01:32:00
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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said political partnership exhausted its energies and its purposes and objectives.
Maliki said in an interview to Russian media said the partnership was necessary in the earlier stages, but now everyone started to feel even the Iraqi people feel that the system of national partnership system cabling system to restrict system obstruction of the start of Iraq in the areas of infrastructure, reconstruction and economic development and service.

Explaining that exist now cry of many people within the parliament and outside the parliament, is to work on a political majority government, and collect a number of the Council in order to take decisions and pay State laws and suspended from the right action that can not do something in the present.

Al-Maliki added that any Gara requires the approval of the Council of Representatives of the budget and even the littlest things. As well as construction and infrastructure and the role of housing for the poor and the development of the whole electricity would be turned off because of the mentality of the partnership that was transformed from a partnership to assemble energies starting strongly, to the practice of obstruction to achieve electoral interests.

Maliki said that the next phase should the disposal of the Government of national partnership and the trend towards majority government which is consistent with the spirit of democracy and with the spirit of the majority and that is to get rid of the mentality that the minority is to be controlled by majority to ensure protect itself at the expense of the majority of the Iraqi people and this understanding stir the meaning of democracy and contrary to what is a trader in the world. Declaring that he is working on the need that the next government will be a political majority government.

And on Russia-Maliki said he had a role in Iraq is not only at the level of the weapon, but at the level of reconstruction and power companies and oil and so on. But stopped on Iraq entered the tunnel sectarianism and foreign troops entered and stopped Russian companies from continuing to projects that were in their hands and today's companies began to return, and it was a good return. He said Russia got the oil contracts, and we would hope that other contracts in the oil and gas refineries, reconstruction and ports.

Pointing out that Iraq has the desire towards many large companies want to outlive enter Iraq quickly.

On the issue of old contracts, Maliki said that old contracts on the two in the field of oil, contracts did not shoot it down the system legally, remained in effect in terms of the agreement on the contract, but stopped because Iraq entered the war and the right of states to move their contracts as it was with China while Some Russian contracts abolished the system in a timely manner on the political background or differences in the views of certain canceling contracts officially so there is no longer possible for us despite the presence of desire perpetuating those contracts but legally we can not because the contract expired and plopped and void officially. And was between us and the Russian side dialogues and deliberations in this topic finished version of the return of Russian oil companies to work in Iraq, noting that government Tansbo to Russia's participation in rebuilding Iraq in all fields.