: Maliki is preparing to sign the two arms deals worth five billion dollars

BAGHDAD / Evidence deputy director of the Center for Strategic Analysis and techniques Russian Konstantin Makienko in a press statement yesterday that "According to our information, there two مجهزتين deals for the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki worth $ 4.3 billion. including two billion to buy 30 helicopter Mi -28 that any , and $ 2.3 billion to buy system artillery - rocket short-range anti-atmosphere model "Pantsir - S 1 Any." and added that he will later also signed package deals seconds to supply fighter jets MiG - 29 M / M 2 and armor to Baghdad. stressed Makienko on "These plans reflect the pursuit of the Iraqi authorities to take an independent position, regardless of political pressure the U.S.." and said it was "clear that the Iraqi military are accustomed to now on production Russian military more than any techniques other military" On a related head Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki yesterday periodic meeting of the Higher Committee for External Relations. statement said Maliki's office said the Commission, which includes the foreign ministers, defense, finance, planning and oil and trade, in addition to other members discussed the visit of Prime Minister's visit to the Republic of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic. added that during the meeting emphasized that "Iraq policy continues in openness and establish relations with all countries, and in the interests of the Iraqi people at the political, economic, military, and commercial"