Parliament considered that the adoption of the amnesty law, has become an urgent necessity
10/04/2012 10:49 AM

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: MP on Alsjeri, Thursday, that the adoption of the amnesty law, has become an urgent need, noting that the way to achieve reform.
said Secretary General stream people in a statement issued by his office that "general amnesty law is an urgent need in all countries of the world, particularly the Democratic them to achieve reform," noting that "the presence of thousands of innocent people who bundled in detention for long periods has not been resolved their cases so far and these can not bear to shorten those responsible not to find evidence to prove his conviction. "
and between Alsjeri it "should be pardoned and released and not being responsible for the failure of the judiciary," adding that "Iraqi law stipulates that the defendant unless proven guilty in six months should be released immediately as Spread Iraqi constitution a large area of human rights and the rights of defendants, including confirms say that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. "
He Alsjeri that "while there are many innocent people in prisons, there are murderers and terrorists and thieves of public money and fake and corrupt of the detainees, so it must Develop mechanisms to identify and accurately covered by the amnesty and who is excluded from it, and that is to identify those vehicles away from political leanings. "
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