Baghdad to end the controversy over the upcoming visit of the owners to Moscow next weekend

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Output and government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, to end the debate a few days ago about the visit prospective conducted by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Russia next weekend and raised around a lot of rumors have also been taken on them positions prior whether deduced or with completed especially that he expects to conclude the Baghdad The Moscow arms deals in large amounts.
explained in a statement, said that «the goal of the working visit of this and that it will take only two days, is the development of political relations, military and economic ties between the two countries and strengthen the interests of the Iraqi people and the Russian».
The Minister of State for Natqah, that «Maliki will visit official of the Republic of the Russian Federation during the period from 8 to 10 October, at the invitation reached from Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by a delegation of political, military and economic high-level, in addition to a large number of Iraqi businessmen ».
clarify Dabbagh brief considered control circuits as «Reply implicit» on news that reported unleash «anger» with the U.S. administration, due to meet Maliki for this visit, which raised eyebrows in Washington, according to revelations remarks officials and analysts close to the administration House Oval.
noted press reports beamed local news agencies, that this visit is «political maneuver aimed at al-Maliki which forced the United States to deal seriously with the pending issues in the Iraqi interior, including the file of the political crisis, as well as their silence toward the Turkish excesses on Iraq.
among observers also suggest that Iraq's strongman, as they are called al-Maliki internationally, also wants Washington to deal with his b «most serious» in issues concerning the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries in 2008, in the forefront file reinforcing the U.S. to Iraqi forces; and obtain the necessary support to restore its role and regional lost Iraq because «follies» the former regime.
According to press reports, it «Once the announcement of the visit received Maliki's office many contacts from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Chancellery of national security to know the intentions of this visit, particularly as it follows the visit of defense and foreign affairs of Iran to Moscow».
source of those leaks is diplomatic foreign did not mention Press reports to his name or his nationality, stressed that «the administration feared deals Iraq's military with Russia», indicating that Washington «seeks to keep Iraq away from Russia as much as possible».
Alternatively (and agencies), the Justice Department announced Iraqi, yesterday, implementation sentenced to death 6 convicts issues terrorism, including one prisoner who escaped from a prison in Tikrit, north of Baghdad last week.
said an official source in the Ministry of Justice that he «was executed today (yesterday) against six people convicted in accordance with Article Four terror», adding that Among those «one prisoners who escaped from a prison Tikrit».
managed about 100 prisoners, including condemned to death belonged to the organization «base» from escaping in 27 of last September from prison Tasfirat in Tikrit, north of Baghdad, before regaining security forces control of the prison and be able to arrest a number of them.
Moreover, killed 4 people and injured 11 others injured, yesterday, by the explosion of a car bomb parked in the Mansour district in western Baghdad.
security source said that «the blast, which occurred at the intersection of princesses in the Mansour district targeted a convoy of a company local security, which led to the killing 4 people and injuring 11 others wounded, most of them target elements of the procession.