Alliance support a bill introduced by the bloc« free »which represents Sadr in Parliament, determines the validity of the Prime Minister in the appointment of senior state positions and government institutions acting.

The MP for the 'Liberal bloc' Awad al-Awadi said that his bloc «presented a bill ending proxy management of state institutions, and added that« Parliament is determined to pass this law because of its great importance.

A statement of the block Awadi, as saying that «this law is very important laws most of the positions in the government managed proxy and this great imbalance.

He explained that «remedy this flaw is the enactment, and after the completion of all procedures, especially the legal proceedings of the Committee and legal advisers project will be read in parliament soon.

Awadi stressed that «this project ensures management of state institutions properly and resolve the issue of ministers, deputy ministers and directors-general and bodies which are managed by proxy.

And considered «Iraqi List» proxy appointment manifestation of autocracy demonstration. He warned leadership in the list MP Ahmed electrodes in a statement to «life» that «Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to resort to proxy appointment to put people loyal to him or to the Dawa party.

And managed dozens of government institutions by proxy, including the ministries such as interior, defense and national security, communications, and high security positions, such as intelligence and military leaderships difference and the secretariat of Baghdad, agents and other ministries.

The electrodes that «one of the reasons for the request to question al-Maliki is appointed officials acting because this breach of the Constitution and a threat to the national balance in the institutions of the state which is the manifestation of autocracy and state administration.

The MP attributed «Kurdistan Alliance» Dry longings security flaw and poor government performance to acting appointments. She told «life» that «there is great concern that establishes this behavior authoritarian culture and a violation of human rights and neglect and breaks for efficiencies.