Maliki calls for local elections in a timely manner and criticizes government partnership

Date: Friday 10/05/2012 07:45 am

BAGHDAD / long
called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, members of the Electoral Commission to hold provincial elections on time and failure to respond to the pressure, with members of the Commission expressed optimism about the possibility of the end of preparations for the local elections in the fastest time. Maliki said in a statement, Thursday, received a term ", a copy of it, on the sidelines of a meeting with members of the Electoral Commission that" it is necessary arbitration rules of justice and non-discrimination or bias to any party, whether political or national or religious or sectarian, "

Calling for "provincial elections on schedule without any delay."
Maliki called "members the Electoral Commission not to respond to pressure or demands that are outside the standards of justice and right," stressing the government's support to the Electoral Commission and its support for the elections transparent and sound. "
of For their part, members of the election commission optimism possibility completed the necessary preparations to hold the elections as soon, noting that UNHCR can not hold elections without the cooperation of the government and support.
On the other hand Prime Minister to work in the next phase to get rid of the government of national partnership and the trend towards forming a government majority.
said in an interview with Channel "Russia Today," that there is "need to be the next government a majority government political harmony with the spirit of democracy and get rid of the mentality of the minority should control a majority of the Iraqi people."
On the Syrian crisis drew Maliki that Iraq is affected country I repercussions Syria, pointing out that he will discuss with Russian officials activate existing initiatives, including the Arab League's decision first and statement Geneva.
while stressing members Commission determination adherence to standards of truth and justice without bias or discrimination and to hold free and fair elections. "
The country has now formation of political blocs new various Iraqi provinces to participate in the provincial elections scheduled for early 2013, the most recent being the announcement by Prince Pan tribes Dulaim Majed Suleiman in (6 May 2012), the formation of a political bloc new includes a number of tribes and notables of Iraq.
noteworthy that the Electoral Commission for elections announced , (2 July 2012) the postponement of provincial elections scheduled for early next year, 2013, to April next, carried the presidency of the Council of Ministers and MPs responsibility.