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    Number one issue that will defeat OBAMA

    Subject: Number One Issue that will Defeat Obama Number One Issue that will defeat obama
    Posted by LTG Buck Shuler USAF ret
    Exclusive: Joseph Farah identifies BHO policy proposal GOP could exploit to victory
    There's an issue out there that can ensure Barack Obama is defeated in 2012.
    It's not Obamacare. It's not his religious views. It's not his commitment to socialist and anti-American causes.
    It's not even the birth certificate and his eligibility issues.
    I believe the issue that will take Obama down if Republicans make it an issue is his administration's proposed budget cuts for active-duty military personnel and military retirees - but not civilian defense workers.Do you get the picture?
    Obama has tipped his hand. He's showing the entire country what he thinks about our military service people - the people who risk their lives for their country are worth less than civilian defense workers who push papers around in Washington.
    Chances are you don't know much about this story. There's a good reason for that. The Big Media don't want you to know, because they recognize the political radioactivity it represents. This is the Death Star for Obama's re-election campaign. If Americans know about this - Republicans, Democrats and independents all oppose him.
    Here are the details of the story broken by the intrepid Bill Gertz:
    a.. "The Obama administration's proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their health care, while leaving unionized civilian defense worker' benefits untouched."
    b.. "Several congressional aides suggested the move is designed to increase the enrollment in Obamacare's state-run insurance exchanges."
    c.. "The disparity in treatment between civilians and uniformed personnel is causing a backlash within the military that could undermine recruitment and retention."
    d.. "Significantly, the plan calls for increases between 30 percent to 79 percent in Tricare annual premiums for the first year. After that, the plan will impose five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent - more than three times current levels."
    Think about this - and imagine how you would campaign against Obama on just this one issue.
    U.S. military service people don't get the equipment they need to do their jobs. They don't have the manpower they need to complete their missions. Their families scrimp and sacrifice financially so they can serve their country. They risk their lives and give their lives for their country.
    But, according to the Obama administration, unionized civilian defense workers, sitting behind their comfortable desks in Washington, deserve better treatment than our heroes serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.
    It's almost unbelievable that Obama could serve up a slow-pitch softball like this for Republicans to knock out of the park.
    It's even more unbelievable that none of them has.
    Which is why I write this column.
    Obama needs to pay for this. Whether or not he backs off, whether or not Congress throws his budget out the window, whether or not these cuts are ever enacted, Obama needs to pay a big political price for showing his cards. Republicans need to remind Americans every day that Obama is the guy who wants to cut medical care for soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen - all while preserving the goodies for Washington bureaucrats. Men and women who put their lives on the line, who risked their health and well-being, are treated like second-class citizens in ObamaWorld.. He signaled his absolute contempt for the U.S. military - not just the institution of the military, but the active-duty grunts on the front lines. This is an easy one for the American people to understand.
    So where are the Republicans?
    Where are the talk-show hosts?
    Where is the blogosphere chatter?
    Obama has stepped in something very smelly here.
    Why aren't more Obama critics making hay of it?
    Can you understand it?
    Obama and the Muslim brotherhood would like The United States to lose it's "position of strength" and its bargaining power!
    If we lose our military, we would lose our credibility in the world political arena. So, weaken our military and our credibility is weakened. Ben H. Willingham
    Association of Naval Aviation
    Bald Eagle Squadron
    P. O. Box 621
    Orange Park, FL 32067-0621
    Those of you who are not military or retired military, please forward to as many as you know that are. Those of you that are retired military, please send this to your friends!!!
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    Your posting by Joseph Farah illustrates what is wrong with people making political commentary that effects only their own pocket books. The USA has the largest defense budget in the world. It is larger than the next 17 largest countries defense budgets combined. Because of the our country's national debt, it will require everyone to sacrifice in solving this issue. This issue you mention was also mentioned by the Simpson-Bowles commission where they stated changes would have to occur in this area of military healthcare benefits. You mention %'s, but you carefully do not provide the current cost of healthcare to military personnel. Percentages don't mean anything unless they are being applied to a number. Otherwise, it is just hype. You go through all the usual Fox News hype in describing Obama and his policies which at this point tends to turn informed people off. Everyone knows that a unionized workforce must be handled within the framework of their existing contract, but this is not true of direct employees. Same as in the private sector. That is probably why no one is making a "stink" of this issue which you find to be a major issue to you. As an example (as stated on CNN), all the countries (except the USA) in the world account for 10 aircraft carriers in total. The USA has 11 carriers.
    So I wouldn't be sounding a hype "alarm" saying things like we will lose our military and our advantage in the world. It does not add to the crediability of what you are saying. This holds true to Poppy 3 stating on the Oct. 2 CC that his parents will only receive an annual maximum benefit of $5,000 in healthcare with Obama's proposed changes in Medicare. If anyone believes that comment along with the 3.8% tax on his folks selling their home, then I feel sorry for the state of education and intelligence of the people who believe such anti-Obama hype. I sincerely hope that the citizens of the United States are looking very closely at today's issues and studying what is being said (& not being said) by each presidential candidate before making a selection for president.

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