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Urgent .. Maliki: the need for the next phase to get rid of the Government of the partnership and form a majority government
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Twilight News / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to work in the next phase to get rid of a government of national partnership and the direction towards forming a majority government.

He said in an interview with the channel "Russia Today", said there was a "need for the next government will be a political majority government to be consistent with the spirit of democracy and get rid of the mentality that the minority should control the majority of the Iraqi people."

Regarding the Syrian crisis Maliki pointed out that Iraq is the first country affected repercussions Syria, pointing out that he will discuss with Russian officials activate existing initiatives, including the Arab League's decision first statement Geneva

He stated that some countries did not comply with the decision of the Arab League and the Geneva statement rejecting any military solution, stressing that those countries continue to pump arms to the regime and the opposition in Syria and this means further fueling the crisis there.