Khandan - most likely deputy for the coalition of state law the possibility of holding a bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi on the sidelines of the National Congress.
He continued on Alfalh told (range) is expected that there will be bilateral meetings between all political parties on the sidelines of the National Conference to be held soon and there may be meetings may be collected between Maliki and Allawi, we are not with the problem of meetings between the parties and political leaders as much attention to be meetings not to achieve the vision of one party at the expense of another.

And condition Alfalh that judicial files away from discussions between Maliki and Allawi if it occurred, explaining that my Vice-President and Minister outside the jurisdiction of the political dialogues and therefore there must be discussions in the political differences.
In the case addressed to file charges against al-Hashemi said Alfalh "We in this case Nassour state based on clan issues are resolved through the custom which is unacceptable in light of the new Iraq."

He added, "We are optimistic of the results of the National Conference of it is a series of agreements between the blocks and we believe that the ratios of success on some outstanding issues will be uneven but remains a mere encounter and dialogue is a positive thing in resolving the political crisis, especially that he held between Iraqi parties, not international, so it is not unlikely that there will be meetings and bilateral dialogues between the various parties involved. "