Interviewed / Adel al-Zaidi -

Talk continues about the meeting or the national meeting expected as divided politicians among warns of delay and among sees no reason to fear as unable Iraqi parliament so far passed the amnesty law in time continue preparations for the upcoming Arab summit in Baghdad scheduled for the twenty-ninth of March ongoing and these topics and other files newspaper public opinion conducted a dialogue with MP Hassan sari

Q - How do you see the seriousness of the phenomenon of youth IMO?

- The phenomenon of young emo alien to the Iraqi people and contrary to etiquette and customs and traditions and we the people of Arab and Muslim is not consistent with the phenomenon of emo, and deplore the existence of such cultures, such behavior and these things supported by foreign parties to the impact of the youth culture of Iraq and this is unacceptable conclusively but we ask treatment true to this phenomenon through legitimate means and cultural dialogue and not in the manner of killing as it happens and we want to change this phenomenon through cultural influence and awareness, as well as punishment for change not for murder.

Q - Is it possible to Iraq's acceptance of the joint management of the port of Mubarak and what is the fate of the port of Faw in this case?

- Possible that there will be cooperation with the Kuwaiti side, but this does not mean waiver of Faw port because the port of Faw port national and must be built which belonged to Iraq and its economy, but if there was a joint administration of the port of Mubarak between us and the Kuwaiti government, it is a good thing, but should not be affects the port of Faw.

Q - What is your assessment of the 2012 budget?

- Really see that the budget devoid of priorities and they are distributed to the ministries are free of priority, and must be solved this budget big more of a problem, especially we have problems inside Iraq and crises as a crisis of electricity and the unemployment crisis and the housing crisis, and I think that bee section of this crisis for by balancing and then is resolved the rest of the problems in the coming years, and the budget was needed to new tab for the benefit of the poor and solve the housing crisis, as well as the problem of ration card did not dealt with in this budget, and overall it was 2012 budget great but they need to important amendments is possible to include these amendments in future budgets.

Q - Iraqi List threatens not to attend the national meeting if held after the summit, you can be held without them?

- National Meeting internal affair has nothing to do Arab Summit, held this national meeting after the summit or before an internal no difference in the matter, whether after the summit or before and has no influence or relationship to the summit, and the Arab summit will discuss Arab issues in general either internal affairs, he could be addressed in this national meeting or in the many other meetings does not mean that this is the only meeting and has no alternative is not the end of the day, and should not count on this meeting to solve all our problems, despite the presence of the importance of privacy for this meeting.

Q - Do you think that the provincial elections will see new alliances?

- I think after that sees law provincial new light, and will be alliances after adoption of this law, and now before the law was passed would be futile of alliances and we do not know the merits of the law and its details, and after the vote and implementation on the ground as possible to hold alliances and you know that the political blocs on the way for alliances .

Q - What is your assessment of the current performance of the Electoral Commission?

- I can not say that the Commission all politicized but some figures which are located under the influence of political parties and political lists and by what happened in the previous elections there are some effects, including influenced by clicking the U.S. and some of them is under the influence lists Iraq and therefore I can not say that everyone politicized and it should be re-considered to be independent and not subject to any influence.

Q - What is the latest information that reached the relevant committee blew Parliament?

- Note that the parliament session specialized in this subject were confidential was not allowed to announce what has been handled in this meeting but in general is not reached clear results in this context, and investigation is still ongoing to find out more details about this process and the arrest of the perpetrators.

Q - What is your position on the statements that suggest the possibility of declaring a Kurdish state?

- I think not favor one in the current situation that calls for separation and I think that the presence of the brothers the Kurds under a tent Iraq is better and there is a great benefit comes to them from their presence within a unified Iraq, and there grand coalition between the Kurds and Shiites who are the leaders of this change in Iraq and they had a common struggle and alliance joint before falling in the time of jihad and struggle results are still harvested by the Kurds and the rest of the components of the Iraqi people, and the subject of separation needs to be an in-depth study by the Kurds and I call that to Aistmr brothers the Kurds in their demand for secession.

Q - How do you evaluate the release of the detainees on bail parliamentarians?

- In any case, the issue of the release of the detainees, especially perpetrators of major crimes as a matter of murder and financial and administrative corruption and the like, it needs to be tan and repair before absolutely no that if the prisoner issue with the concerned must happen repair them before release and even if the detainee issue with the government must be fit and put them and return everything that was taken from the government before his release.

Q - How do you determine the mandate of Prime Minister two terms?

- I think that the substance is found in the Constitution but disagreed commentators around where she reported entitled mandate of the President of the Republic and the first section was seen as particularly Prime republic only and does not include the Prime Minister and the second section said that this includes Monday because the president means the whole government and the Prime Minister from within the government, and governance in Iraq where President of the Republic and the Prime Minister and powers not given in our system all the President of the Republic was a shortcut in the Constitution as President of the Republic and was interpreted brothers who drafted the Constitution they mean the government more broadly, and the fact that the systems in other countries do not allow constantly Authority chief executive more than two and thus would be the majority opinion is not to allow more than two sessions of the Prime Minister.

Q - What are the latest developments in the general amnesty law?

- Possibly including Amnesty Law of sentenced to death and life imprisonment but excludes terrorism, whether it is an individual or a group and some of the crimes that affect morale adultery, homosexuality and the like and grand corruption, but in general if I stayed image amnesty this year will come out a lot of prisons and this law moot between pro and exhibitions.

Q - How will the process of money transfers armored vehicles for parliamentarians?

- After our voice in the principles of the abolition of Multi armored vehicles, said specialists law he has to be a bill to cancel the order and therefore the Finance Committee and the Legal Committee other in Parliament engaged to pass a law to cancel the Multi armored vehicles will be transfers the money to other sections, perhaps for the poor and support services security and there are many suggestions in this regard.

Q - Do you expect that he can eliminate the financial and administrative corruption in the coming period?

- That most who practice financial and administrative corruption in Iraq are Baathists in order to benefit from this money to sabotage the country and disrupt the state administration and lack of service delivery to the poor and the lumpen classes, and try these actors not to succeed in the new Iraq and to influence the elected government, and above all must reform institutions regulatory and supervisory institutions did not play an active role and perhaps some of them influenced lists political and must be circles regulatory independent Castqlal judiciary and Castqlal Electoral Commission and must be far from the effects of the parties and only remain politicization, nepotism and tendencies of hand at the expense of the other.