Haorha just Zaidi - differences between the Kurds and the Iraqi government and the recent developments between the two sides, and some of the claims to sack the government and replace Maliki in particular as well as the developments of the Erbil and disputes arising because of and what the best way to solve the internal problems in the country as well as opposition Massoud Barzani to own government in Baghdad for F-16 aircraft and the possibility the use of military force by the federal government against Barzani's government, all of these themes and others had been put on the table independent MP in the House of Representatives Safiya al-Suhail was this dialogue:

Q - How would you describe the differences between the Kurdistan government and what are your expectations for the results?

- We regret that there are differences to reach Mashahdnah of throwing media for some of the characters and we hope that moving away from these things, the fact I think that the dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan his government and his presidency is due to a combination of things that have been postponed since the change to the day and there are a lot of files that have been agreed a few days ago the Governing Council and the successive governments this is the main reason the differences as well as ambiguity true understanding of some towards the form of the Iraqi state agreed Iraqis to vote and the referendum and the Constitution, and also the absence of important laws needed to regulate justice state and the distribution of wealth between the people and the emphasis on oil which is a leading supplier of profiteers of the Iraqi people and to be distributed equitably to all Iraqi provinces, including of course Kurdistan and if there are agreements and clear on how to deal with this file is important, in addition to non-implementation of previous agreements to form a government all this led to what we see today from the differences and I think What concerns us the result that meets the political leadership and solve their problems, and I'm afraid that there will be a rift largest among our people in Kurdistan and our people in other parts of Iraq and turn it into a kind of bickering of some so-called differences as between Arabs and Kurds and it is not so because it disputes government and not between components and, God willing, the end of these things, and the dispute itself allowed the emergence of abnormal sounds and voices heard in the recent past and we hope to get rid of them soon and things do not go us to the stage of ominous.

Q - What is your position on requests to dismiss the government and replace Maliki?

- So far I have not seen that the Iraqi parliament went action is real and his tools of democracy to withdraw confidence from the government, I think it is possible to demand from the prime minister to visit the Parliament and explain several things related to his understanding of the National Partnership and the position of the agreements signed and gave him confidence of the majority agreed with Ki be the Prime Minister of Iraq and explain why the differences in complete transparency in front of the parliament and the political blocs and more importantly the Iraqi people but this did not happen I did not see a formal request supported by a majority of political parliamentary inside parliament and attended by Prime Minister and I was the fact of people who feel that this mechanism is one of the tools that were could address the problems, can not correctly address them full political but treat them clearly and transparently in order to understand where the error and who does not abide and what the Erbil and on what was agreed, and that calls for the withdrawal of confidence from the government is not far from democratic practices in all democratic countries when the majority Political find that the government did not provide services to the people and they failed to provide these services did not adhere to that gave him the promises of both percent a day or other promises in its government program has a right to ask to withdraw confidence from the parliament and political agreement of course before that therefore no confidence comes from inside Iraq and from outside.

Q - What is your vision about the Erbil?

- I personally as an Independent was my position and this recorded in the meetings of the Presidency by more than 8 months ago when asked the speaker of parliament and head of the parliament meeting heads of blocs and the need to detect and document the Erbil and asked I Kprlmanah know about the document several things and we have not seen a document signed on the overall issues but we saw the Convention in the media and therefore I must be a parliamentary did not know the Convention, how can the people that know and therefore so I can stand with or against and I know of who does not abide agreements we have to announce this document and demanded the Speaker to publish and document the Erbil in all Iraqi papers even if This was the amount of financial support from the parliament that the right of the Iraqi people have access to the agreements made between the political forces that elected and assumed it gave confidence to the government on a range of issues which form a government of national unity and partnership between everyone and does not feel any component that marginalized the one hand and also represents joint action within the Council of Ministers to serve the citizen and that did not happen, and a lot of which we hear needs to be clarified and did not know what was agreed upon.

Q - What is the best way to solve the internal problems of Iraq?

- Our differences must solve through meetings Iraqi national and not bad that we use international organizations like the United Nations, including that there is a political dispute and a power struggle because what we are experiencing is the fact, and if we continue this paralysis will not be able to offer the Iraqis state services that are supposed to give them and Manaish today is a real crisis needs and consultation sessions, conferences and national real out of the crisis so as not to get into Iraq into the unknown.

Q - How Talqon Iraqi province to the preparatory meetings of the national meeting?

- I really respected each position out of any political party towards meeting or direction to that of the right of any party that is based on the attitude toward what it feels like vision and perspectives or goal, and must be the foundation of all these things the national interest, and I personally think that the Preparatory Committee with all due respect its characters did not represent all Iraqis and I, for example, a woman political and parliamentary but I can not find representation for women in the Preparatory Committee for the meeting National although they personalities able to give a lot, and also have not seen التنوعية and pluralism that represents the Iraqi society even within the Iraqi parliament, how then I ask expand a preparatory committee to be in the national meeting next general national figures actors that worked to end the dictatorship and build a democratic state in Iraq, and I think that the failure to work the Preparatory Committee caused also said the same of different attending to a national meeting and it was important that the interference with the forces and national figures capable the convergence of views between different and that poses real initiatives for reunification and achieve national cohesion and graduated with good results to restore joint action on the basis of clear and transparent and publicized, and all meetings are important and I'm not against meetings in Arbil and Baghdad, Basra and Anbar nor anywhere else فكله in Iraq and I with meetings in all the provinces of Iraq headed by national figures and also personal Massoud Barzani, who is on Iraq and the basic premise of which was based upon the new Iraq, as well as the matter of the rest of the leaders in, so any meeting should be taking off is in the supreme national interest of the country and out of the crisis and natural all democratic countries to meet leaders and leaders, and the last meeting in Arbil included important figures like Barzani and Nujaifi and Iyad Allawi and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and I was hoping to meet with them some of the other characters to be 10 characters even sit for an initial meeting to prepare for the large-and I do not know why we need to meetings even collect preparatory Brotherhood leaders and when the leaders meet of this level, we do not need a preparatory committee to gather and leaders know more than others dispute.

Q - How do you invite foreign countries to interfere in the affairs of Iraq?

- The intervention in Iraq and struggling agendas Foreign it did not start now but it exists since the Iraqi opposition was not so strong, but after going to Iraq and seemed the political process in the country, and obviously there were axes against the success of the democratic experiment in Iraq, and after the Arab Spring and changing in the region and understand the importance of hearing the voice of the people and respect his choices have changed some things towards accepting the Iraqi experience and also the return of sovereignty and administration itself and its success relative to get some happened upon the stability of that turned the case to the axes related regional situation and these themes certainly were not far from Iraq and are trying that draws Iraq axis A and the other tries to يشده axis contrast, a B for that Iraq was trying to now be part of the hubs and I hope that Iraq will take positive attitudes, especially towards the suffering of the Syrian people, and we know that there agendas grappling and immunity does not come from abroad to non-intervention on Iraq but immunity comes from inside the country to stop all outside interference by leaders of the country that do not allow this intervention so we can not blame the alone or specific as allow to intervene, but I see that all of the struggles for power tend interventions regional and neighboring countries and some of them unfortunately supports financially and morally in elections and the formation of governments and other and everyone is responsible for these interventions and that the time that ننتفض as officials and as a people to say enough is enough to sell Iraq in this way.

Q - Barzani opposed supplying Baghdad F-16 aircraft, is there a possibility of the use of force against the Kurds?

- I have a question to the federal government because it has a file security and defense say why spent large amounts of money on weapons, but enough what Srvnah of money on arms days of the former regime and are supposed to spend money on regional and international relations and improve our internal economic and prevent terrorism from entering our country and prevent it not be flown but strengthen our internal and put economic and social justice and non-marginalization, and keeping the border does not come by plane, but intelligence work and information and other things, why not spend money on the reconstruction of Iraq and the poor segments of bad and why do not we spend on building hospitals and schools.