Tariq Harb reason to celebrate tomorrow the eightieth anniversary of the end of the British Mandate and the establishment of the Iraqi state
Date: 10/02/2012 17:04:58 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. called legal expert Tareq Harb, to celebrate tomorrow the third of October, the National Day, which marks the anniversary of eighty of the end of the Mandate, colonialism, British and do the Iraqi state.
said war in a press statement received (of the Agency news) today Monday: surprising to see the wonder and wonder .. Nor Istattab as surprising in our celebration Payam workers, the military and women and 14 July and other occasions, however, do not celebrate the most important event in history modern Iraqi the day 3/10 National Day, which we encounter memory eighty tomorrow on the Iraqi state and the end of the Mandate (colonial) British on Iraq and انظمام Iraq to the international organization and Iraq became the state 57 per sequence countries hemisphere and the world. and continued: International Organization were from 56 countries became of the 57-nation Council approval League of Nations to recognize Iraq as a state and therefore the recognition of international law so and became McCann called before this Today the province under the British Mandate called state Iraq deserves omen on 3/10 to celebrate the equivalent of this great occasion. / end / o. p /